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, a Tsinghua graduate student who has worked for several years of research and development at Taobao, has given up his steady income and decided to start his own business. What to do with O2O and mobile Internet, specializing in selling fruit?. A little explanation is that the different kinds of washed and sliced fruits are sent to the customer’s mouth according to the order. How effective? Three years, the annual income has been 10 million, and in recent days has just completed a new round of financing.

in the flow of Advertising Age, most of the site’s survival status is worrying. However, YAHOO Southern China China Sales Director Huang Yan said that the site traffic is very important, but "selling data is not unique."". Renowned Internet analyst Cheng Tianyu also believes that the impact of traffic continues to decrease, advertisers pay more attention to specific users send ad regularly quantitative. Flow is not equivalent to advertising value, Huang Yan think, flow is very good, but only use flow, and can’t explain the value of the site. For many WEB2.0 websites, to seize the rapid development of domestic Internet advertising opportunities, but also know how to do a good job of packaging and positioning of the site. According to the China Internet Association released last week "2007 China Internet survey report" shows that in 2006 the domestic online advertising including search engine revenue reached 4 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 50.91% over 2005, 2007 2008 is expected to maintain 51.8% growth rate, 55.6%. Participate in the forum’s 3G portal President Zhang Xiangdong also believes that traffic is not necessarily equal to advertising value. The 3G portal in officially launched 2 months after it got the first ad, it was the site of the amount of registered users has rapidly increased to about 10 million, but BenQ advertisers fancy 3G portal is familiar with a lot of mobile phone models, features and data users. At that time, the 3G portal was not even established as an advertising sales team.

Southern China’s new WEB2.0 site, which doesn’t exceed 1 million of the daily traffic, depends on what they live on The day before, iResearch Consulting Group in the first "Southern China WEB2.0 site selection" and "witness today outlook tomorrow" — Forum website operation on site survey results released for reality, this time to participate in the activities of the 104 sites, daily traffic only 33 sites over 1 million days, the website flow is less than 10 thousand almost 1/3 the.

I always have a point of view that the Internet is essentially an advanced productive force, the biggest value is to transform backward production methods especially traditional industries, improve efficiency and improve the quality of life. You might think that it is empty, but the fact that: network media to replace the newspapers, television, video blog log, replace replace to replace the store, replace the search business dictionary, Internet banking may in the future to replace the bank and so on are the best proof.

chatted with a young entrepreneur in Shenzhen last night, learning that he was going to sign up for an Internet entrepreneurship contest – using O2O, focusing on community retail – but always worried that the model wasn’t cool, and the judges couldn’t see. I think that this fear is not necessary, the Internet era, the real opportunity is to use the Internet concepts and models to transform traditional areas. So I encouraged him as well as him. To strengthen his faith, I told him the following case:

analysis of different sites advertising, we must first look at advertising products. For example, the product of mop net is very good, they are interesting and unique, and do deep cooperation with advertisers. Despite the fact that its traffic is much smaller than Sina’s, it’s the biggest real estate advertising from a traffic comparison

ask, are hesitant to start a business friend, this does not count as a business? From a technical point of view, such start-ups difficult? Some people will scoff: "this thing I can do.". I believe. But why didn’t you do that? If you give you a chance now, give you a team, and give you the money, it’ll take three years, too. Are you confident that you’ll make your income millions? I think that’s what we really need to think about.

therefore, this man in the final analysis, that is, the entity store did not wash or wash the fruit did not cut, moved to the Internet, according to order delivery, so that buyers stay home, eat a fresh, eat grades. Including people in product positioning on the very clear: we do not sell fruit, but to do business services, employee welfare. Do you have a face? Such a simple, profitable and customer friendly thing will be rejected,

I suggest that all entrepreneurs must bear in mind that, regardless of your project to make more money, more strong technical barriers, the premise is to allow customers to the life and work of a better and more easily, so to meet the demand, in the final analysis, is to solve the real problem at a point. China’s such a big market, any small problem may detonate huge returns. Go back to the old man

said, the Tsinghua graduate can achieve such good results, I think the main reason is that: Based on their most familiar mobile Internet flow, identify the advantages of the traditional industry pain points, an awl down out of demand.

Of course, ?

  advertising does not ask for more than just precision; Cheng Tianyu believes that at the beginning of the site does not know how to talk to advertisers, can only be used in terms of traffic. But with the development of network technology, advertisers can get data more and more accurately. The real situation of the website can not be hidden again. In addition to clicks, advertisers also ask for active user data, monthly active user data, and weekly active user data. The Internet is becoming more and more competitive, which directly causes the information to become more and more transparent. So, now you tell a good story to advertisers, not just PV." Huang Yan thinks, the traffic of different website looks from different level, the commercial value that contains is different also, the most important is the common user of the website.

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