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, my fund, as an early investor, has always stressed the importance of the founder, which is often referred to as "investing."". Focusing on all aspects of the founder’s ability is because we believe that great works are created by great men. The last year, we have also changed the "cast" into "throwing cattle", that is, those who want to see people want to kneel down the founder of Daniel, that is, a level of talent

many shark players teach us these dishes, chicken, take A, nothing beautiful, Kicker another card, small words in pre flop flop, fold just fine. Flop three, Zhen Zhang out of a A, you can’t play, you hand A4, people also if there is A, casually, the other is what all lead a lot, casually filling, you dare not answer.

investors who don’t play werewolves."

four, independent domain name

jobss once said, is nothing more than the ability to find creative links between things, I often wonder what about from Germany on investment logic and inspiration to kill a werewolf, now some thinking experience report as follows.

are not to say, say a, the key independent domain name on the network, what is the most important, domain name, domain name is more important than what did not, once there is a company survey, ask corporate CEOs, not a good domain name is heavier than losing a capable the loss of CEO, now the enterprises pay more attention to the brand on the network, it is a good domain name

, "two legged toads, I’ve seen them, and I haven’t seen investors yet,"

Abstract: in one hand we are very loose on the table is don’t bargain prices to see the flop, like capital over a period of time a large influx of early investment industry, make a lot of early project valuation ridiculously expensive.

– Mr. toad,

two, commodity quality


this topic, we first see the feeling is very difficult, it is someone else in the Taobao site, how can develop their own independent brand. Besides, once developed, Taobao’s policy change, our brand will come to nothing, huh.

now part of manager may still not understand, what is the relationship between the domain name with Taobao, but the manager who don’t understand how the domain bound to Taobao, once the domain name forwarding to Taobao, will be able to develop their own loyal customers using Taobao’s credit system, because of your good reputation, customers are not afraid and repeat it more, and they are easy to remember domain name, instead of shop99900000066******.taobao, so difficult to remember the domain name, the customer is most of the computer to reinstall ah, once you reinstall the collection of information is gone, so the most simple and effective way is to let customers remember your domain name, Xiangqilaijiu you can directly enter the domain name to your shop. How to put forward a domain name to Taobao stores, is actually very simple, you can use the domain name forwarding function, easily forwarded your domain name to your Taobao store, so that customers will be able to access your input short domain name store

The other

one, service

this is true, there is some truth, but what I want to say is how to borrow Taobao to develop its own brand, the network brand is the most important highlight in the aspects? Do I then to reveal the answers.

! !

said that everybody should see, register a domain name associated with your goods, a good domain name, bound to your shop, let your customers better remember your shop, take long to build their own brands, is not very good?

A5 of the propaganda effect is very obvious, in accordance with international practice, ad I lay my love station, Chinese shop University zgwddx, I hope you visit, give me some suggestions, thank you support! I 106066107 shop, fellow to me, or you no forwarding domain name to Taobao stores can also add me, I help you fix

three, shop decoration

, "I’ve seen toads wearing glasses, and I don’t even see





more than two famous is a myth although you don’t listen to the wind is rain, but enough to describe Dezhou in recent years and this kind of poker werewolf with the Agency see to face properties of the intelligence game popular in the circle of investment. In chess, chess and Starcraft 2 etc. staring at the screen can fix the game, people in front of the AI has become a war 5 slag escape fate, and flutter and kill the werewolf de emphasize the real line interaction, focus on the game player aware of micro expressions even on the psychology and behavior and analyze each other the game became the human and the battle of AI in our final stronghold.

need to state in advance is mentioned in the paper de flapping and werewolf skills only from my short fish dish chicken pecking office experience, please high game player immediately click the upper left corner of the back button. You also need to state in advance is mentioned in this article only from my investment experience for more than a year of small fund handyman experience, please first fund partner…

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