Jinshan small Robot Companion bundled promotional special noteExclusive dialogue do not care Te

webmaster, good:
    "small I Robot Companion" can be used to promote bundled form.
    promotion requirements: bundled promotion and local download promotion, only two choose one, you can not simultaneously push products in two forms.
    bundled commissions: each valid installation 0.2 yuan
    valid installation is equal to the number of machines minus the amount of uninstall the amount of unloading that day exceeds 50% as cheating, not given the date of settlement
    there is a need to bind the marketing webmaster please contact network responsible person :58518611 Tel: 82334488-6393.


users determines the glare of valuations. Figures from Zhang Yiming: today’s headlines currently download 120 million active users, daily active users more than 13 million.

Zhang Yiming: I think anything will go out of fashion, is out of date, and shlf1314 may be out of date. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or not. The key is whether you can keep your product up to date and make it as much as possible to meet the needs of its users. Even if the product is out of date, it can not continue to produce good products in this enterprise. The so-called obsolescence is not entirely without demand. It means that it will decrease in proportion.

if you look at it now, I think it’s OK to pay for the effect. But the product, I think we should put the product model served well, then cool News has yet to revenue model stage. I don’t think we should worry too much. We should spend too much effort on the income model. We should spend more effort on products that provide more value to the users. Expectations were still too high, and the pattern of the product itself wasn’t looking good.

"entrepreneur": when you say that the product is ready, the amount of users to reach a certain amount, after all, there will be a suitable business model. If the cool well, what is the possible profit mode of


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original title: "entrepreneur" exclusive dialogue: I do not care, Tencent, Sohu and other news portal client

when you read this article, today’s headlines APP, also is Beijing bytes Beating Technology Limited hereinafter referred to as "byte beating", has completed the lead investor Sequoia $100 million C round of financing, micro-blog also participate with the cast. Zhang Yiming’s "byte beat" is valued at as much as $500 million.

Zhang Yiming: then what is the direction of cruel dispatch is unknown. How to make money, big direction, what kind of company you want to become is not clear do general search or vertical search, etc.. When I left, kuxun in selling brand advertising, selling PPC like sh419, AD on the basis of amount charges are.

"entrepreneur": domestic network did not do it at the time, in addition to the rise of happy nets, is it because this form outdated,

The number of

APP more and more valuable in early 2014, Android Application Search now expanded to mobile content search, APP pea pod B round financing $120 million. Further forward, sh419 bought 91 wireless for nearly $1 billion 900 million. And, closer to myth, Facebook announces $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp.

I don’t think a product is immutable. In fact, Facebook Facebook:

the following is "entrepreneurs" & I horse exclusive dialogue towards his $500 million APP content is how to make



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