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, I’m a game fanatic,

has more than a good attitude and execution can then walk the road to see wangzhuan. Wangzhuan way to make more money than others will need ideas, techniques and methods, we usually see on the Internet, make the XXX project, the date of sale method, make the XXX buy XXX gift of earn XXX e-books and so on. Careful you may think that is the day to earn XXX why nachulaimai? This is a Wangzhuan way. Some of these ideas and methods of selling things are desirable, but in terms of making money, there is a time limit. It’s possible that after you bought the project, you could not do it even when you didn’t earn any money for the project.

will ask what we can do long term? That is definitely some kiss xingmin. Look at the current trends in online shopping. In the near future, the first thing you will see is: "where did you buy this? Smart, you should know now what you can do for a long time."

is different from the ridge should book outside the most eye-catching, President of China young listed companies, in the field of public opinion has been said about the person, not the sound "low-key state.

whether novice or veteran have unique ideas of many thoughts and some personal in Wangzhuan, but to truly practice the ideas and thinking of how many people? In fact is the lack of an ability to act, referred to as the "executive force". Day in and day out there how to make money, how to make money, but not to execute, and in the end, the imagination is rich, and pockets of money is still unchanged.

he has little pride of sina technology, the hero mutual entertainment all executives are now playing in the game, including playing games are being pulled in, forcing the designer to give them recently designed a dedicated Internet cafes.

, Wu denier,

to see Wu Dan Hongyuan mansion, he is to go and play games, play is the "pioneer" and normalizing recently.

is no different from the traditional boss image, like Shu ling. Keep long hair, handsome temperament refined and cultured, his face is always with a shy smile, tone of smooth, rarely have large fluctuations neither fast nor slow, mood. He gave people a strong sense of "other people’s children" impression, and seems to be "Wanzhu" temperament > Ming

‘s Sina Technology

last year, as vice president of the real fund, Wu gave up the prospect of a prospective fund partner and started business with Shu ling. In June 16th, he was promoted from CIO to President of the company during his 1st anniversary birthday, while Wu was only 28 years old.

different people use the same approach, but to make money online, you have to do it, you have to carry out ideas and ideas. Besides the execution will have to have a good mentality: there are a lot of new friends in the process of doing, you may encounter a lot of liar project, do a period of time for its white; also met a lot of good projects, get some income. Wangzhuan process have encountered a liar like, then discouraged or even abandon the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, perhaps that is not possible, may think Wangzhuan not realistic. There are a lot of new friends to earn some money later because of their lack of interest are deficient in caution. Here, I would like to send a word to you: no matter how bad, good things happen, always good.

from the investor to the entrepreneur’s year, Wu Dan said he would give himself 80 points, he felt he did well, and successfully completed the role change. And deducted 20 points, because the past year was too busy, no time to read, can only learn by doing a lot of things, in the micro level.

has the opportunity to read this post of people, especially novice friends may wish to take a closer look, think about. Many novice make friends, do not know where to start making money online, so that in the Internet for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan company, how should do? How to make money? Always want to suddenly find Wangzhuan.

novice friends, bold and courageous to do, regardless of good project or bad project is good, is a valuable experience. From these experiences and lessons accumulated skills, familiar with Wangzhuan, each Wangzhuan novice friends must take the road on the road. If you want to be a master, don’t be afraid of failure. Be bold and brave, try to understand good projects and bad projects. Through the attempt after a period of time, you will naturally understand Wangzhuan skills.

but although he rarely speaks to himself, he often appears as a key man in various stories about Ying Ling and former boss Xu Xiaoping. Xu Xiaoping especially loved the story of Wu Dan’s love of the game, and encouraged him to pursue his favorite game bravely. When Wu decided to start his own business, Xu Xiaoping quickly decided to invest in the hero’s mutual entertainment, not only without the sadness of his predecessor, but also very welcome and happy pride.

‘s feeling of being involved in the creation of a billion dollar company in a year, he still feels anxious, too much to do and want to do too much. But it is also a happy worry. As for the billion valuation, Wu Dan is very clear, "the hero of mutual entertainment is still in the very early stage, the main dimensions of valuation and the scale is not considered, the enterprise internal strength is very important, and we are not the real battle will become dizzy with success, until the second half of this year".

on 1999, TVB aired its most classic commercial drama, genesis, which is about the history of Ye Rongtian and Xu Wenbiao and Ma Zhiqiang’s three good friends starting from scratch. At the time, Wu, 10, was fascinated by it, especially for the hero Ye Rongtian, who had long dreamed of starting a business.

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