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in recent years, with the rapid expansion of the concept of O2O, online education industry has shown a trend of explosive growth, attracting a large influx of capital. According to statistics, as of August 2015, China’s online education industry, a total of 106 projects to get financing. Among them, there are 40 seed wheel and start-up project, Pre-A wheel 5, A wheel 38, B wheel 17, C wheel 4, D wheel 2. Last year, the total amount of financing known to the education sector in China was $2 billion 30 million, an increase of 160% over 2014. Among them, tutoring O2O is one of the most popular areas of segmentation.

director Yang Yanru said that in recent years, Zhongguancun entrepreneurial atmosphere more intense, more and more entrepreneurs gathered, only newly founded in 2014, registered in the industrial and commercial registration of the science and technology enterprises reached 13000, 2013 is more than 6000, 2012 is more than 4000.

this year’s 315 party, many Internet industry chaos was exposed, which CCTV settled for the black workshop "hungry" event exposure, people remember deeply. This marks the staking, barbaric growth mode of O2O industry has become the past, should pay attention to all kinds of thinking and education of O2O industry, O2O industry, if only the crazy burn and not to create educational value, are likely to fall into the dilemma.

below is the Yang Yanru sharing memoir:

education O2O also faces the same predicament, the fundamental reason is that the industry in the frenzied pursuit of capital trends, did not pay attention to the real needs of users. Because the value of the O2O platform lies in the integration and wider teaching supply, it provides more choices for users, that is, the C2C model linking people and information.

dear Chen, as well as distinguished guests, investors and entrepreneurs, good afternoon! I am pleased to be here at the NetEase. I am here on behalf of the Zhongguancun administration council. Just as Chen always said, to participate in the activities of entrepreneurs is actually the most no pressure, because the NetEase itself can choose in the garage coffee do this activity, first of all explain very ground gas, and entrepreneurs stand together.


now, education O2O is no exception. However, the shortcomings of this approach are gradually emerging. According to a survey of 400 online education enterprise Internet Education Research Institute shows that at present, there are 70.58% companies are losing money, 13.24% of the companies in a flat state, and profitable company accounted for only 16.18%. Over the next 1-2 years, 80% of projects will die from financing and the right business model.

for the significance of entrepreneurship, director Yang Yanru said, "the minister mentioned just shortly before the million venture itself regardless of success or failure of a project may fail this time, but if you choose this way of life, as long as you keep will be successful. Of course, it is not the commercial significance of success. It is an experience for you and an everlasting treasure for your life."


however, the massive influx of capital and the staking of enterprises are in fact the early stages of the industry. "Staking" means that the nobility of the Qing Dynasty delineated the ownership of land by way of horse racing within the stipulated time. Later, it was used to describe the phenomenon of market share in the way of burning money when an industry started. This phenomenon is more common in the P2P, O2O and other industries, it seems that the industry start-up period must undergo this phenomenon.

NetEase Francisco January 31st, 2015 NetEase of Wudaokou science and Technology Salon annual festival cum "entrepreneurial NetEase Club" officially held this festival, "because you know it together" as the theme, the administrative committee of Zhongguancun business department director Yang Yanru in the ceremony to share exchange.

Yang Yanru said the director of the administrative committee of Zhongguancun, introduced a number of policy support entrepreneurs, one is to give all entrepreneurial services to support, including support for entrepreneurial NetEase Club, entrepreneurship competition, training, salon, display and other activities; the two is for Zhongguancun’s venture capital and angel investment, in addition to guide capital, there is a a risk compensation mechanism; three is the protection of intellectual property rights, have the relevant policy for entrepreneurs to apply for a patent and so on.

first, education industry crazy financing, but education O2O can not really solve the user pain point

just simply said about the Zhongguancun administrative committee, the administrative committee of Zhongguancun is an accredited institution, the Beijing municipal government of Zhongguancun functions, especially in the business ecosystem to build an innovation and entrepreneurship. As you all know, Zhongguancun is a national college, college, enterprise, especially Internet enterprise, and there are still a large number of Talent Gathering places. In recent years, entrepreneurial atmosphere has become increasingly strong, especially after the 28 executive meeting of the State Council opened, third issues will be raised, public entrepreneurship, innovation, Ministry of science and technology called "public space.". Just when you all came to see, this pioneering street is in recent years, Zhongguancun and Haidian District jointly promote the building of innovation and entrepreneurship environment to create such a landmark block. Garage coffee was first settled in this street. It was not long. It has hatched, discovered and nurtured more than 300 entrepreneurial teams. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, a cup of coffee or a glass of water every day

, but if you just use the Internet tools to traditional lines >

Abstract: staking, barbaric growth mode of O2O industry has become the past, should pay attention to all kinds of thinking and education of O2O industry, O2O industry, if only the crazy burn and not to create educational value, are likely to fall into the dilemma.

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