90 youth share website operation and some website optimization suggestions

second: the website should have their core content and service

website login login registration procedures as simple as possible, you simplify the less, the higher the success probability of the user. The study found that the website login is complex, will cause the user impatience psychological, will give up the registration or registration, in this case, the loss of this part of the customer.

we all know the content of the page flow is very high, then increase the interaction with the user is one of the problems we have to face


study found that the user through the keyword search into the site, then you will have your website core content is displayed to the user.

eighth: insist on is victory

seventh: to related web social networking platform to link

note: This article first A5 Adsense website, the Hao Haitao by the original editor, please note the Qing source: 贵族宝贝goumogu贵族宝贝 welcome to my suggestions put forward valuable suggestions.

sixth: online or offline meeting of the regular meeting of

is a 94 after the Shanghai dragon practitioners, saying that I was the youngest of the Shanghai dragon. Contact Shanghai dragon almost two and a half years, have a certain understanding and experience of Shanghai dragon combat, now I share with you in the site optimization and operation experience, hope that we can through the science of Shanghai Longfeng to optimize the site.


through this can increase user loyalty, enhance the value of the site, expand the influence of website

I have to say to do for so many years, to insist that we will win

fourth: Web page content to a reply function

general search rankings with "correlation cannot do without the relationship, a headline and a good description, this is very convenient for users.


! website login problem

: the first page relevance and description to grasp

this can increase the possibility of search, but ignored by many people.

fifth: the website must focus on the development of the Internet

the most recent fire than the mobile website, we will take time to build a mobile website so that we will be very good development. With the innovation of

is the author of several suggestions:

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