Analysis of Chinese and foreign chain pages may lead to love Shanghai not included

saw a Sina blogger complained that their blog is not included in the forum today. I went in to see his blog, the latest articles are original, may not be included because some original articles and creation. But the article reprinted many is here, and there are many articles in the chain. The blog age less than 3 months. Many of my friends would advise him to do some outside the chain to lure spider, increase the weight of a little, the forum recommended for such a few people, the blogger replies did a lot of the chain. I look around, do the chain, but the chain link to the Sina blog home page, so the question is, because I found the blogger blog page has a custom module 11 chain, no matter how hard you love Shanghai is not included in this page contains so many of the chain the.

above is not very simple, is ah, is actually so simple. But from the above method should see some problems: blog no weight, when not included, the chain do not send in any form, use the original or false original.

The above Sina blogger web site is not included problems continue to

Of course the

page in the chain is one of the reasons why not be included, there may be many other complicated factors. Today I want to talk about is the chain and collection of problems.

The solution

, how to solve his problem? The first step is to remove the chain with 11 custom modules. Secondly, to the original article (do not take any of the links in the article, even if it is pure text links), to the original page to do outside the chain, after a period of time, if the page is mostly included can give the blog page chain, if the pages are not included, and will continue to adhere to the original the inside pages of the chain. In the process of blog home page even if not the chain may also be included.

" the content is king, the chain for the emperor ", the role of the chain is self-evident. Shanghai to love what makes an outside chain? Included target site hyperlinks or pure text links (such as: www.admin5贵族宝贝 is a pure text link) is a chain of the target site. This sentence is not what authoritative interpretation, I just understand. The explanation of the chain tell us 2 points: 1. was included in the link is outside the chain, you send more links are not included is meaningless. 2. pure text links are included also calculate the chain, this is one of the characteristics of other search engines love Shanghai. Remember some time ago read an article about the effects of the chain links and text outside the chain of love in Shanghai. The author did an experiment: 2 sites with a total as like as two peas, super link chain, a full text chain, after a period of time using a plain text chain website ranking than the hyperlink chain website ranking is much better. Due to the complexity of the ranking factors, this experiment is not authoritative, but at least one question: pure text of the chain effect is good, and is not so bad.

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