Analysis of B2C e commerce website optimization points

product pages of words and picturesThe

after several years of development, the momentum of e-commerce in Chinese is still very strong, with dangdang贵族宝贝 and other e-commerce giants successfully listed in the United States, B2C e-commerce model seems to be to a moment in the dense willow trees and bright flowers, small e-commerce companies, this is undoubtedly a good omen. Of course, this is not the purpose of e-commerce mode, but to discuss optimization points in small B2C e-commerce website.

product pages in the mall will account for a large part, so the optimization on it is one of the most important points. Good pictures can give the user a good experience, appropriate text can also solve customer doubts, can

Optimization of

stood in the user’s point of view, as the mall home try to design simple and elegant beautiful page, allowing users to understand the site to buy in the shortest time, allowing users to understand the commodity property website in the shortest time. Users can easily understand, search engine will naturally easy to understand.

from China current B2C e-commerce website, small and medium sized companies accounted for more than 90% of the quantity, and the use of the CMS company accounted for nearly 80%, so it can be said that the B2C electronic commerce website China the website for most definitely is not much difference. From the perspective of optimization, in which nearly 80% of the electronic commerce in CMS, they should pay attention to the optimization of the main points are as follows.

three, the website overall design should beautiful and easy

two, mall site map design to the full

B2C e-commerce website is the product page is far more than the article page, and each commodity pages and commodity list can be a long tail keywords, so the mall map should be designed according to the characteristics of such for optimization. Key commodity page, key commodity list, can focus on the map, this is conducive to the user experience, can also tell the search engines what page is more important.

, a title and description to the brand with its associated

four, with emphasis on the

this place is any a site must pay attention to the place, the electronic commerce website how to design the best title, the author’s point of view is a combination of brand and store keywords. The B2C electronic commerce website reputation is associated with its brand mall, if the mall brand is not propaganda out, even if the keyword has a good ranking of the user experience and the user’s trust will not have much improvement. Here the author provides two good title design case, the first is the "wheat bags official website: fashion bags popular first station 70 percent off, second panic buying!" "the mall: Chinese largest computer peripheral products wholesale purchase channels!". We can see from these two cases, the title and brand is closely linked to more conducive to attracting eyeballs and cultivate the user’s credit.

The characteristics of

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