Analysis of the rapid increase in the weights of the website 5 commonly used method


page, I’ve seen more dynamic Taobao guest website, website one or two years included in the site basically stay in the home page and classification, the results led directly to the site to give up many long tail keywords ranking and flow. Do the 404 page, not only of spiders and visitors friendly, but also conducive to your analysis of Web log to make targeted improvements! As for web page title tags, keywords, description of "once fixed it is not easy to modify

high quality original can also enhance the user satisfaction and viscosity. "Even without the gorgeous appearance, visitors may also be because of the quality and continue browsing. This is to get traffic from search engine website especially, how to imagine a statement impassability pseudo original article stay

, two time every day to update the original content of quantitative.

love Shanghai several big update K many guest website, but also have a lot of the station because the original and survive. Some owners to use false original update website, no search engine "to" test program, even if the short-term collection of articles, later deleted is relatively large.


three, make full use of soft Wen promotion.


website is to enhance the site weight and included the foundation, because the internal structure of good sites are more likely to get the spider love, make it crawling easily crawl to the theme of the site. The internal structure of the website mentioned here mainly include web page static settings, 404 pages, robots.txt files and web page title, keyword density and so on, these are also the important content of the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

high quality original content is always a favorite of search engines. The site in the early time every day, to the original quantitative update, which is to enhance the website weight is very important. It is worth noting that the original update must be around the theme of the site, to maintain its relevance. A website related to the content of the more, you can see the degree of professional website, from a certain point of view of the user experience will be


website weight is a key factor for the website keyword ranking and whether the article was quickly included in many cases, the weight of a site is high, the amount contained in the search engine is greater, and the web pages in the search engine ranking is good. Although the website weight is not equal to the ranking, but it is one of the factors that affect the inside pages of the website and. So enhance the website weight is every webmaster must face in Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems. So, how to improve the site weight? According to my practice, according to the following 5 methods, can quickly accumulate and enhance the website weight.


internal optimization and enhance the website weight first to do site.

It is easy to let the spider crawling and included static

Optimize the internal structure of the

chain can absorb some of the weight for the site. Many webmaster put most of the time.

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