After the love of Shanghai K station Shanghai Longfeng medical industry how to do

3. said, Shanghai has been moving forward is love, love is the ultimate goal of Shanghai development of its God, search for users. Shanghai dragon friends know Shanghai dragon a few formulas, content is king, the chain for the emperor, now love >

everything because there is only the fruit, in order to solve the problem first to find out why. Love Shanghai why crazy K medical website? I think there are several important reasons:


1. medical web content homogeneity, a lot of medical sites inside the technology are similar, but the effect and rhetoric is same, what the best hospital health bureau directly under the Bureau for the record, what star medical environment, what is the title of technical experts, how how are similar, even some famous hospital the distinguished experts are the same.

more regrettable is that the article a copy, everyone in the pseudo original, the problem is that you bring the pseudo original article that itself is not the original, it is not known how many hospitals pseudo original how many times the pseudo original, dizzy, the fact is this. Then someone asked, why also included? Because the title is not the same, the hospital name is not the same, there is not the same platform. These articles to classified information websites or news sites will be included and ranking, but to his master is not easily collected. Why? Because your site is not so high weight, no inside and outside the chain chain so much, but also on our website and are of the same article, natural ranking is not good, this is also in love with a K medical station of sea an important reason, the content is too similar, so a large K.

2. in addition to the content that is outside the chain. As we all know, are not bad money for medical. It can be used to solve the people don’t have to do, this view is a good place, not wrong, is in the wrong time. Why do you say so? Do Shanghai Longfeng a few years ago, if you buy a high weight of the chain, ranking certainly good, but love is always moving forward in Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm is also changing, the chain to buy is always a black hat means. Some people say, why are people right? Very simple, buy less, the chain of nature, so, love Shanghai may let you go.

28,8 June 25,10 month 26 month, dear webmaster friends, you see the 3 date what? If a web site for your site in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon friends should know that this is love Shanghai 3 K station crazy date. Especially like Xu Xinming, engaged in the medical industry, for the love of Shanghai K station is a storm. Several websites of our hospital, the 3 K stations, even their hospital rankings have been unable to at home. So, how do the Shanghai dragon? Give up? And let her go? Of course not, we do Shanghai Longfeng are cockroach, a site down, 10 sites stand up. So, where is the outlet of Shanghai Dragon Medical

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