A share of 4 rapid methods to improve site weights

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recently found that everyone should love to Shanghai’s substantial adjustment, for example: love Shanghai space to reduce weight, improve the weight of sina, and a series of changes. This is not to say. On a website, the ranking is the most important, in addition to the chain, content, and other factors can affect the ranking, the weight and height of the web site directly affects your site in the search engine rankings. How to effectively improve the site’s weight? Suggestions as follows:

reasonable construction site, including domain name choice, whether to rent the space stability, using the static web page energizer, brief. Of course, there is a vast majority of people will overlook it is the number of the first page within the chain to control, Energizer don’t pass 100, because the weight of the home page can be transferred to the following, and transfer, it will cause the loss of weight.

three, the promotion of soft

you have a taste of soft Wen promotion benefits? By A5, Shanghai dragon why, a push, PR high site to release the soft, will bring you unexpected traffic, even exaggeration, a good point of the soft, the chain of your one or two week released the top. There is more to.

four, Links exchange

we all know the original article has many benefits, but I do not understand in the number of grasp, such as sometimes one day update 10 articles, the holiday is not updated, causing the site down. If you do the medical station or the station information, it is another issue, on the other hand, the day can grasp the updates as you can in 3~5.

This article by

Links is actually a kind of hair of the chain, a French more cost-effective than to blog, forum outside the chain. You change a super stable and the equivalent weight lifting is relatively fast, some of the techniques you have to understand the course of exchange chain, insist for a long time, every exchange 3~5 the best effect, a month down the weight of the rapid growth of your site.

, a reasonable layout of

two, and the number of original content website

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