According to the new requirements of Shanghai love Shanghai Longfeng optimization change ideas are t

love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, for the website optimization requirements are also rising, as a webmaster we must change before the optimization ideas, in accordance with the requirements of the site optimization we should do those aspects of change, the new love of Shanghai, we continued to enter today’s short gossip, love theme, according to the latest requirements should change the current Shanghai the idea is that

first, analysis of the construction of the chain direction. This algorithm is also more obvious upgrade Shanghai dragon Er most concerned about is the site of the chain problem, we already know that love Shanghai drop right scores in the rankings chain in proportion, it can be said before most of the construction of the chain has gradually lost the meaning and value of itself, bitter outside the chain of years make many webmaster unforgettable, so, we should pay attention to the site optimization things? From the construction direction of the chain, the chain is actually not the true meaning of love Shanghai exit optimization stage, mainly in the Shanghai love for chain building standards to a very important height. The specific performance is: before the construction of the chain is mainly due to the release of their own initiative, we take the B2B platform as an example, many webmaster why choose this kind of platform for the chain, a large external his weight is high enough, hoping to leave the weights of the transfer link, and the construction of the chain way though the weight is higher, but after all is the artificial deliberately, not for the user experience and to do so, the chain link factory pattern intensified, while the construction of the chain mainly in the active and passive recommended release, now we should pay attention to the rationality and naturalness of the chain, the most important is that users spontaneously help us spread, and here I have been keen to recommend you do is webmaster network articles for publication, personally feel that the contribution is a very good way Especially, Admin5 and Chinese station platforms such as high weight, high weight submission is not the only source of the chain, the more important is the use of these platforms hand, so a lot of the industry website reproduced in our article, indirect form users spontaneously recommended this way, this is the reason why to choose the way of writing, first of all high weight. Secondly, spontaneous communication. Finally, link popularity and naturalness are just perfect. Therefore, the construction of the chain must identify the direction, the direction of, is the executive power of the problem left.


second, still have to say the internal website optimization. The user experience is what? We can not use language to describe, it is like a beauty is a word to the enjoyment of beauty, but a good site in the station optimization in the current depends on the ranking of the trend, internal optimization is the key details of the internal optimization includes many aspects, the site access speed. Meet the needs of users, the article recommended and popular articles to enhance the user experience, the site within the chain, front-end web layout, URL structure optimization, and so on, and we must grasp the principle of optimization is always to service users for the purpose, especially home layout may from the previous news into the case and product display, rich.

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