Arsene two influence keywords ranking reason

sooner, the more favorable for ranking. It is recognized that there are. For registered earlier, the search engine is to know your time is more long, then you also ranked the good. If you have a 90s registered domain name, the domain name is a piece of treasure, do most of key words will have a great advantage. Registered some good domain name up, put on some simple pages, such as a few years later with rich content, and is also a good official website. If you do not have the time, then take the money to buy it. A5 is the old domain name trading platform.

Hello, this article has introduced to cause users to influence keywords ranking, then this article will introduce about the influence of domain name on the keywords ranking. What is the use of the domain name is good for our website? What kind of domain name and what kind of advantage? Let us wait and see.

domain name suffix choice and do not care too much, generally in the ordinary circumstances, the domain name贵族宝贝 is quite good, because this is the most China users are familiar with the domain name, the user has to remember this suffix贵族宝贝. So about the effect of the domain name, but most people guess. The author here just to avoid misunderstanding of readers.

1, the domain name suffix

2, the age of the domain name

Domain name registration In addition to

this statement is not accurate. The weight of.Edu and.Gov and rank is not born, but because the domain name open only to the government, so the content is not existing in the garbage content and deceptive content. So much easier to get the favour of search engine. .org domain name domain name has more advantages than the贵族宝贝, but not what evidence can be proved.

domain name age, domain name is first love Shanghai included time is also very important. Some old domain name registration after parsing, so there is no search engine database for the domain name, the advantage is less than the early included content domains. Although we cannot query domain what time indexed by search engines, but can survey the Internet Archive for first time domain content and search engine the first time included comparison, although not very.

Shanghai dragon friends should be familiar with the words: ".Edu and.Gov this domain name domain name born in the aristocracy, registered have good weight". This sentence is not correct, because.Edu only educational institutions can be registered, and only the government can register.Gov. Registration is limited because to avoid this domain abuse made waste site, forming a brand characteristics, and the search engine will give these domain ranking advantage, because it is state-owned. Some people may think that the.Org domain贵族宝贝 domain name more than a ranking advantage.

3, a domain name for the first time included time

In fact, the

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