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for we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon people, should know the chain internal website optimization is very important, for Shanghai dragon optimization, content is king, the chain for the emperor is the truth we all know, but some people think that the chain is not so important, the content is extremely important, just need a lot add original content, the chain is the more the better, this approach is undoubtedly to deviate from the right direction of website optimization. The general network marketing do very good business or individual details. As the saying goes: details determine success or failure, is the truth.

In three,

two, on the site in the article in the form of anchor text keywords do

on the company’s new product or service of the original article, will add some of the industry’s core keywords or long tail keywords, add a hyperlink to the anchor text in the form of these words, when adding keywords to the attention of the keyword density, it is also very important. For example, when the introduction of an industry, you can add a hyperlink to the core keywords as anchor text in the form of the company’s website, reference to another article in this industry or relevant information on this article, do a interpenetrated structure.

in the chain optimization is to satisfy the user can see the content you want to see when the search engine, and not unrelated pages, chain and website content are closely related. The chain is to provide a service for the user to search engine results. The main site optimization is to optimize the internal chain and content updates on the station. When we do the chain optimization must think how to make soft Wen promotion effect, at the same time when we do network promotion should also take into account, can not be the way to optimize the website, the best way is to kill two birds with one stone.

Although the content of

is very important, but the content is always a carrier of the website, the content of a web site to fit their own product or service sales promotion, the promotion of soft effect hinges on soft Wen hits. So when the add Web content, add soft in that position website, home page is certainly Binet click a possibility. Here is the original content, can also be a pseudo original, but must pay attention to the quality, rather than blindly increase the number of. Do these details, site optimization framework is completed. The chain optimization is usually the focus of website structure optimization, the chain is compared with the popular words: each link between a web site, the bridge to guide each other, this is the website internal links between. In the chain optimization is to make up a website interspersed between the internal structure of the rich, reasonable, let the spider on the site to grab any obstacle. The following small (Meng Jian) told us about how I optimize the chain within the site:


. Have related content on the page, the article recommended by

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