On the personal pro test experience on how to love from Shanghai and Google K stand out

(WEB love Shanghai and Google K

following their own way, according to the 2 search engines, recovery work to respectively do their own website how. For the love of Shanghai back to work, that person should do the following things:

First, delete > data.)


After the analysis of the

(website is love Shanghai and Google reincluding screenshot)


is the first to elaborate their own website, the website in April of this year’s period, Google was relentless K station; and in 7.14 of the night, I always vaguely remember the day K date, his website was again fall in love with sea station K, estimates that time many of the webmaster should give up but after a few months, his personal efforts and the spirit of not giving up, and finally restored included.

wrote this article, has been brewing for a long time, always want to make your own website appear in question and everyone to share, hope to have the help to everybody, at least think site optimization is not a very easy thing to do, in this process there will be a lot of problems are need your own webmaster to independent solve, learn to endure loneliness, learn how to set goals and to strictly enforce, today is to share my personal experience, is on the site is love Shanghai and Google K station, the process of recovery from such as 2 major search engines, although the word is things can be summed up, but the actual operation, let a person feel is not so easy to operate, the middle of the fun and taste only you know.

, the site is k general station of Shanghai K station for love problems, their reflection is mainly own website internal articles plagiarism or copied too much, cause love Shanghai love little spider crawling own site, have not included pre published website at K station, their website number decreasing continuously, these down right was finally led to his site is K; and the Google K station of its own problems, reflect on their own after that is the original site of the collected data is too little, too much and some other column factors that led directly to their site is Google K station, here to mention Google rarely K station, K station once the problem is that your site is certainly there is The error can not be ignored. Therefore, the 2 search engines of the K station, in the end or after all are strongly linked to their website’s originality, this conclusion is also the practice of a few months after his own experience was the self evaluation, compared with the original confusion, feel more understanding of the search engine’s working principle and know how to better meet their tastes.


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