Love Shanghai mobile search crack force users to transfer from APP behavior

mobile search users to get the information resources in the mobile web site commonly encountered when being forced open, download the APP can continue to browse or use, but the APP is not always necessary or common, simple access to information behavior is forced into a complex or high into the download behavior, let the user be pestered beyond endurance.

specific attack:

!The following Since July 15, 2016

in the user search to the site a page users interfere with the normal search access path, forcing the user to download and use APP, users gain experience from the "end of the interference information is normal, for such a site, love Shanghai mobile search will greatly reduce the evaluation of mobile search.

let people find the most convenient equal access to information is love Shanghai search mission, each time the algorithm is published and updated, in order to maintain and build a better search experience, make hundreds of millions of Internet users in Shanghai can successfully find the love, at the same time, also hope you love Shanghai and long standing together to create a good search harmonious internet search environment.

on a famous audio sharing platform for example:

2, search engine user resource APP is not installed. The user through the search into H5 "love Shanghai, the site through advertising to guide users to download and install APP to watch. It disturbs the user complete search scenario, increase the cost of user access to information, greatly reducing the love of Shanghai customer satisfaction;


1, the search engine users have installed APP resources. The user through the search into H5 "love Shanghai, site will be transferred from the existing APP, this behavior will seriously damage the user experience.

love Shanghai mobile search team for low quality site, launched 3 page bucket algorithm, crack down on the love of Shanghai mobile search, since the interrupt users complete search path behavior, contain a series of related phenomena, but according to user reports, there is still the behavior of some websites and search again: love Shanghai according to this kind of phenomenon will continue to hit

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