For the love of Shanghai recently to the local forum site high weight conjecture

have to change some people be taken by surprise, but also caused some of my guess:

: a weighted local portal to be sure. Local portal is the Internet Conference on many large companies, large CEO webmaster to encourage people to do, love Shanghai precisely in this respect support.


, thank you!



three: the website of Shanghai Longfeng get direction can start slowly transfer. The chain can be to large portals or local forums to get up, perhaps better.


to 33 Fen shopping navigation, web site: 贵族宝贝3mao3贵族宝贝/, please keep the link

!In this paper,

two: garbage station, station station group could start delisting. A station station to the Internet has brought a lot of junk information, no value information, a large number of duplicate information, let the original content lost due ranking. This algorithm updates love Shanghai is perhaps a sign, to recognize the brand, what should be out of the garbage.

of course, the above is just my guess is correct, welcome to the site to verify. Love Shanghai algorithm update frequency is not slow, after a very long time to see if it does not guarantee the accuracy of speech, hey


weighted query:

was operating a small Taobao off site every day I will pay attention to the change of partial keyword. These days suddenly found words usually focus on ranking have great changes, one obvious place is to place a high weight forum website, even if the matching degree is not high in the case can still get good rankings:


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