Four optimization details need to pay attention to improve the website ranking


descrition: a web content description, generally speaking, a good description should have a reasonable keyword appears in 200, and the length is less than 70 characters English, Chinese characters, more than 20 Chinese characters.


, a ALT

when we add a picture to a web site, don’t forget to give us a picture to give a brief explanation, this is what we call the ALT label, if, when we can not display the picture on the website, users can also according to the text we want to express the meaning of the picture know. We need to explain, in order to help the user experience, we should correct description of the content of the picture. Not only that, we still can add the keyword to the ALT tag description, this is a kind of method to improve keyword ranking density, but we want to know, here is not to say words you lots of one key words, such ALT tags are not friendly to the website.

title: title. The user through this title quickly judging whether the web content is not to make use of the title, the importance is we can not be ignored, a good title to our website can bring endless flow, then how do we choose a title? Can not only reflect the core content, but also contains keywords, and the length of the title should be moderate, generally speaking, the title length should be controlled between 20 Chinese characters.

for a web site, a good ranking is nothing short of an icing on the cake, when we improve the site weight by different ways, improve the site ranking at the same time, we must pay attention to the following four small details:

So here I


Nofollw tag to tell the search engine without tracking the links on this page is to tell the search engine as everyone knows a link to this page is not the author of the edited, and reverse link search engine ranking is a very important factor to the website and forums and blogs is concentrated external links released by the chain the weight of that now many forums and blogs offer is not high, in fact, there are many forums and blogs are in the use of Nofollow tags, the Nofollow tag can be as high against the wall outside the chain of garbage.

two, Nofllow label

keywords. Is a website localization, general keyword density should be controlled at around 2%-8%, the more the number of words appear in the text, the density is higher. According to some experiments found that, in fact, very good keyword density control in 5%, general recommendations each page has two to three key words is the most appropriate.

elements are: title, keywords, descrition:

Three, the definition of The core

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