To explore the mall website from 5 aspects of Shanghai Longfeng effect

The The path

would have good effect for Shanghai Longfeng mall site, the ALT attribute of the picture can be said to be the ALT attribute of the picture not only for users to use, can be cited in the picture speed problem open text prompts, more important is to tell search engines this picture represents what meaning, because the search the engine at this stage do not read the image and content, so the need to explain the ALT text, you can imagine the mall site if there are a large number of ALT text, then for search engines, will give this included, with some title and text in writing, so in the search time will most likely be search to the user.

column (or channel) is a word we often hear, this is an important aspect of shopping websites must be considered. On the whole, the column must be concise and easy to understand, let users see what it stands for, some ambiguous words best not as a column of words, because different people have different understanding. In addition, the site of two columns must be classified, not too complex, it must go through in-depth research, in order to write a reference after the competition, can not feel it most probably it did not actually happen with. Sometimes, due to the content of the website is more, in order to make the search engine more included, generally require several classification, so some pages can reduce the number of clicks to reach, and thus more likely to be included.

picture ALT attribute to add

in addition to several points mentioned above, there is a URL problem, because the mall site is.

column (channel) should be concise and easy to understand

image is the main content of the message, although this is very simple, usually webmasters may also feel what to sell products take what kind of pictures, this is not difficult, but in reality, some sites will be transferred, along their own interests and change the content of the picture, such as buying shoes, on the main shoot don’t take photos of the shoes, legs or the whole picture of the person is put up, if this picture is too large, will let users feel very confused. But after entering the detail page click on the picture, then, the picture can be with other content, and sometimes is a must. In addition, also need to pay attention to the problem size picture, this picture too many sites, must be modified before they can, otherwise the whole loading speed will be slower.

picture content to be expressed accurately

URL do not have too many parameters of

with the development of the Internet, shopping sites more and more appear in our view, these sites include B2C shopping mall, including everyone to do large Taobao guest website, these websites because of its own characteristics, so there are some skills and attention in the optimization of the time, today I and you share his five point summary, hope, practical for some Webmaster Help, also welcomed the criticism.

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