Website optimization is but to do these four things repeated every day

data analysis. The most important skill in website optimization is to learn how to analyze site data, such as web site source analysis, bounce rate analysis, keyword analysis, the source of PV per capita value analysis, internal data and web site data in Statistical Tools >

increase the site outside the chain. The chain for the emperor of the old saying is enough to explain the role of the chain website, but many webmaster but just talk about it every day, can increase the chain webmaster to the site and how many, most of them are good mood today tomorrow will increase, a little bit upset the chain as a burden, see more bother. Outside chain in the website optimization effect as long as know the knowledge of the people know the website. I now have five stations, but it is very troublesome to do outside the chain, after all, do so that they do not end, and see so many websites to do outside the chain suddenly tired, not to mention the need is outside the chain of high quality. Maybe you will say and do BBS signature, but the weight of the chain forum do now has low, do do not equal to the same, why? So, website optimization is not so mysterious, but every day the chain.

update. As long as you are Adsense old and food, to update the content of the word is very familiar, because this is an everyday, but year after year, repeated day in and day out. A few days ago I read an article, said that every successful person is to become more than three years. I think it was very correct, because the owners have a lot of up to one year, how many three years is not, and persist for more than 35 years is less and less. But three hundred and sixty-five days a year, to update the content every day is less and less, so many owners may have entered the industry for several years, but it did not succeed, why? Would you like to ask yourself every day to update the content can not be such a simple thing to do?

entered the ranks of owners almost imperceptibly from one to two and a half years, even the code cannot read the rookie to now own a website optimization and three months can do a home page ranking, the way is too much. At that time just entered, all learning predecessors every night knowledge into the night two or three points. As far as I know, every night until two or three for the webmaster is a very normal thing. But after two years of practice the author found that website optimization is really so mysterious? Remember when just learning website optimization, website optimization is actually put as a very magical, always admire those who ranked in the top three of the webmaster, hope I can also learn to such technology. In fact, for such a long time, the author summarize the website optimization is not a mystery, as long as do the webmaster know, website optimization is actually doing the same thing every day, and do things are very simple. So, today, the author summarizes the web site optimization repeatedly do, as long as well, so you will also site optimization, will also play the Shanghai dragon.

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