This paper sums up four kinds of webmaster easy to overlook the Shanghai dragon optimization techniq

: to optimize the website

correlation search, long tail optimization !

three: learn to search engine optimization techniques

many webmasters are hoping to let love Shanghai as much as possible to their own websites, as much as possible to grab more web content, but when the site after the emergence of a large number of dead links, spiders love Shanghai even.

love with Shanghai ranked bid for the increasingly stringent audit, a lot of PPC have been adjusted, although this love damage the economic interests of Shanghai, but in the long run, for the love of Shanghai is there any harm, and it will attract more people through the web site optimization to improve constantly love Shanghai the ranking, but also more dependent to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will form a dominant situation, from this point of view, love Shanghai still has to earn no loss! This is now Shanghai Longfeng hot industry optimization, but many webmaster in website optimization, four skills are ignore the following, let the author make a simple analysis of

through the understanding of love Shanghai snapshot mechanismUsually ! ! !

four: from love Shanghai spider a tendon to do the inside pages optimization traversal website

two: search engines provide opportunities for

like Shanghai search engine almost all memory function, when a word search volume up, the search box will pop up the corresponding words, while search engines also provide language correction ability, these functions on the one hand to enhance the user search experience at the same time, but also help us in the optimization of the site, to learn the use of these analytical skills with users love long tail keywords, keywords can also through the optimization of approximate, such as the beginning of the donkey nets is to use the search engine this nearly method greatly attracted ganji贵族宝贝 flow

each search engine has its own strength, for the Chinese search engine, word segmentation technology, is undoubtedly the core technology, then analysis technology can learn to love Shanghai and other search engines, to optimize the application on site, it must be multiplied, weapon these participle technology can as long tail keywords analysis. Because the word segmentation technology, is mainly depend on the users according to the key words, to use double quotes or title number for the precise matching, can be fuzzy matching, and the fuzzy matching is the long tail keywords advantage! So when selecting the long tail word optimization, we must fully consider the search engine segmentation technology

website may appear in the operation process of open, or open speed too slow, when many users can through the love of Shanghai to open the corresponding snapshot page on the website, but the corresponding pictures, audio and video is generally not open, but once the site often isn’t open, this time will be cached the snapshot is longer, resulting in the site’s ranking will appear on the decline, so in the construction site before, on the way to improve the website space construction, to ensure the stability of the space

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