The site is often linked to the black chain is the program or space

6, upload space probe program checks whether there are basic security issues such as WScript.Shell. If there is, can

virtual host (space) of the webmaster friends, may encounter sites often have been linked to the black chain, such as the Trojan, but this is the program or space (server)

5, website problems, Download all files, check whether the xxx.asp.gif file, to be careful, this is mostly caused the problem of audit procedures to upload. If there is such as the xxx.asp directory, this is the general operating system vulnerabilities are not patched to. Some of the commonly used backdoor file name: he1p.asp (the number is 1, not the letter L) and T0P.asp (the number is 0, the best is not the letter O) will be the station code check one by one. Recommended to use Beyond Compare tool to backup file before and after the file is linked to the horse into the contrast.

want to know the website "the download package" is through the invasion site, and then use its website Trojan package, these sites have security risks, if not repaired, may be invaded. But some "packing master" in packing site, and no clear with the invasion of their website Trojan backdoor tools.

2, will be the site of the space in the whole file delete, upload pure static HTML or HTM file, if a few days are dark, then it must be the space problem;

this problem is really tangled, if you ask the space, they will say is the program; then you find developers, they said the problem was the space.

so, on the network to buy the program and download other packaged procedures, to carefully check, is likely to be bugs or is caused by the back door.

1, in the Webmaster Station query tool with IP website, enter your domain name, other sites on the query server, if there are more than 5 have the same black chain or Trojan horse, so is the space (server) the probability is very large;

3, if your program is purchased on the network, or free download, you should pay attention to, because these programs through many hands, there may be people who have an ulterior motive bad, this situation is not a few; especially the so-called package program; is best read a file is a file there is no problem. That left the back door.

4, hanging horse website, ASP in the majority, these programs are mostly developed between 2005-2008, later also not what updates, new vulnerabilities are open. Especially some of the author’s level is not high in the case. To find the best person to help you see; this site was invaded because hung black chain caused by a very high probability of program.

Judging from the angle of Technology: ?

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