To explore the cause of love in Shanghai included the decline of the old station count every minute

maybe our old website has several years of history, but the webmaster friends you thought at present our website and search engine optimization guide to standard compliance? Search engine has its own requirements and needs, if our old website faces the new algorithm of search engine and the latest demand can not be effectively change, then the search engine will select a part of the new site to replace the old website ranking, now in losing weight website and other products website. This kind of maximum probability, separated by a few months the search engine will conduct a clean-up of the old site, and the cleaning function is to promote a large number of new sites the replacement of a large number of old website.

machine is not only aesthetic fatigue, also have aesthetic fatigue for users, when a user in a few times in the search site search to your site, and the user does not want to click or click immediately left, the ranking on the website of the impact is very large, and for the new website it does not have this problem, now a lot of new design, the appearance of the site, the background color, very beautiful, can attract users click the >

love Shanghai home nature also ranked only 10 place for the general keywords, love Shanghai own brand accounted for at least 3 or so, and the rest to the webmaster friends position is only 7, with the 7 position there may be tens of thousands of sites in the struggle, perhaps our old website is now ranked in the fifth place, and after a new website is updated every day adhere to the original content, and its PV value is very high, this time the search engine will make a comparison of the row in the front page of the old site, found what the old site of the data and the new site is insufficient, so that a search engine will be on the old site ranking down, let the new website ranking replacement, which is a part of the old station ranking drop.

The new

entering the 13 year, every Thursday love Shanghai small update will affect the part of the webmaster mood, I was no exception, I have three old sites for three years in the Thursday update to be dropped by ranking, and although the ranking dropped but snapshot but every day is also included no less, this is what causes the old website ranking drop new website rankings?

site PV and bounce rate high, the old site two data poor

new love Shanghai gave preliminary approval, to seize the old station itself position


offers innovative content new opportunities, to discard the old content website

consider 100001000, in this Thursday’s update I finally found traces of the search engine, the original search engine is not only through the contents of the website, the chain, the chain to determine the overall situation of a website, more search engines rely on the machine after the score value and user value and creativity the future development trend of the website to determine the following detailed talk about the various factors influencing the website ranking.


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