Shanghai Longfeng essential Webmaster Tools

3. love Shanghai statistical tools. We love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics is the essential tool for optimization of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai statistics there are other tools irreplaceable tools: love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon > thermodynamic diagram speed tools. This is too strong, we strongly recommend to install. Page speed is a tool based on the development of Google, he is mainly used to check the impact site open speed, they will conduct lossless compression of our pictures, and can provide good compression pictures to us, a LED car advertising my website is that this tool to my website in LED advertising the model of the car images are lossless compression, greatly improves the speed of opening my site. And it can also be the pixel size of my LED car advertising picture set to reasonable, save a lot of space for me. We can also prompt the site which CSS were to merge and so on, we can go to install the tool, make your site open speed fly! For the following page speed optimization demo picture:

as the Shanghai dragon every day we have to carry on the data analysis, and the method of data analysis is to summarize and statistics by some commonly used tools in Shanghai dragon. Now many webmaster tools on the Internet, it is recommended that you love Shanghai or the official Google tools. Whether it is love or Shanghai Google will support Shanghai dragon, so they are more and the Shanghai dragon provides webmaster tools more humane, to provide theoretical and technical support for the more reliable we Shanghai dragon with these tools will be the official. As we spoke the following several search engines official tools.



1. Google webmaster tools. Google is the official Google webmaster tools for the owners to provide optimized detection of internal tools. His features include webmaster timely send mail, if the web server or space out of our problems, or our website poisoning or horse, Google will send email to us. That is to say we can clearly stability through this server or your own space, there is a small space suppliers often server failure, and they might not lead to customer complaints, usually in the evening, and we don’t know, through the mail, we can know the website space problem frequency. This site is very conducive to poisoning or Trojan remind us site safety monitoring, which is very convenient. Google webmaster tools can provide submit site map for search engines to quickly grab the latest us. In addition it also provides Web site fault analysis, it can be used for our site examination, including dead link detection, included conditions, long title and repeat Title Detection, site stability detection. The Google webmaster tools function page:

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