The chain to the influence of the website ranking quality over quantity

we want to remind some of Shanghai Longfeng employees here, the chain is important, but the quality is higher than the number of ten thousand, the chain of garbage is far better than the 100 high quality outside the chain, and pay attention to the number of the chain, it is better to spend in quality, spend on customers, even the chain will user centric, users see this link to >

even share good outside chain resources, are not necessarily suitable for you, because of the different industry, different areas, how to do with the chain chain in the same way? After love, Shanghai step by step adjustment algorithm we know that the correlation of the chain is also very important, not just "large and wide, big and complete", is more correlation, and the correlation between the weight, since the search engine chain is ranked according to one of the chain making machine all over the world have appeared, small companies at least one or two chain making machine, the number of large companies is dozens of people, all the chain, regardless of quality, completely to the number of heroes, this approach not only for its own brand effect is reduced to a greater extent, to the search engine adds burden.

selling women’s links in a car forum, the chain logistics company appeared in an Internet web site, the chain making machine is omnipresent, and these get in by every opening, it is our "credit chain". If I is the search engine, I want to ask you these links useful? Are you sure these links will be clicked? Are you sure after others click not immediately turn off

in various forms under the present search engine only adjustment algorithm, reduce the influence of the rankings, but many people still feel as in the past, it is on the site outside the chain of tens of thousands, why ranking is still very poor? So, leaders will think that this is the number of the chain is not enough, more and more manufacturing chain the machine.

chain and the station occupied eight of the world rankings, on the chain and content of who wins and who has been weak have debated whether "the chain for the king", or "content is king"? The answer is the search engine to know, personally think that the chain and content equally in autumn. The method about the construction of the chain, each big forum search engine above all, just in search there will be many methods of the construction of the chain, the chain also has a lot of resources, but because of the love of Shanghai’s ranking mechanism, many of them are now caused by optimizing up, it is difficult to have the chain construction method novel or resources. Since the construction of the chain is so important, resources is obviously priority among priorities, the chain resources accumulated by the days and months multiplying.

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often see some "one hundred thousand chain resources sharing", "the largest and most comprehensive chain resources" and "Chinese and foreign chain resources" and so on these eye-catching content, but you really go to after use will find a lot of useless, but most are deliberately made with the construction of the chain method is inferior to get the chain only, plainly, others itself is advertising.

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