Stable rankings we just need to do five points

            to a website, the most basic we need to ensure that the site can be opened normally, do not appear too slow or later servers hung up in such a situation. Because it is related to the spider crawling our website to find the site is closed, and if often the case, a spider on its site as a trusted site, then your website snapshots, naturally not good, even serious circumstances will lead to our website directly by K, pull hair.

          (a) security server is the key.

        "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult," this old saying for as a webmaster we also deep, a lot of the time we after a certain period of time is not easy to put the website ranking optimization to the home page, but want to hold the really very difficult, because there are a lot of different the factors at any time may result in our website is K, right down, and even pull hair, so we do not only want to rank, but to "steady" ranking. So today I share with you is the stability of the ranking of some experience, hope to help you master.

            as we all know, if a careful website will lead our website right down, especially for new sites, so if we do not have special requirements as far as possible don’t revision of the website, so as to avoid the drop right. Of course there are many sites to have better development, pay more attention to the user experience, the site for rectification, here I recommend you must first revision in the local test, not directly on the server revision, in order to avoid mistakes. In addition there is only the revision of surface modification, do not move "band", we must ensure that the path of the website as before, otherwise it will be regarded as the new search engine, to review the. So right down is inevitable.

          (two) try not to its website revision.


          (three) quality assurance and update website content.

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