Shanghai dragon need to learn to do Talking about the relationship between Shanghai dragon and code

and Shanghai dragon Code:

must have a lot of friends met this website, the browser can see the website content is very rich, but a look at Shanghai love only framework, without any words. This is the developers indiscriminate use of Technology (AJAX) consequences, although technically not considered such problems. But to achieve the ultimate goal and the optimization from the technical point of view, this is not a programmer in accordance with the norms of processing problems.

The relationship between

broadly speaking Shanghai dragon belongs to the promotion of Web site programming website belongs to the station. The two seemingly unrelated, the small website operation mode is not related. Because most of the enterprise website to find site construction company to complete after the Shanghai personnel hired to manage the dragon. While many of the staff will be in Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Dragon Foundation, writing the hair outside the chain, as a "super" edit. In fact, throughout the process of Shanghai dragon website + operations, from site to site plans to follow the network marketing, are required to participate in the Shanghai dragon which is responsible for a. Then from the establishment of Shanghai dragon will be responsible for what? 1.HTML code optimization. 2. link 3. 4.URL 5. site layout layout layout technology and so on, only these links and developers communicate very well, it may be wrong to website marketing classic website.

for a program.

above the site in the process need to participate in the discussion of the problem of Shanghai dragon is the site developer account, if China programmers in the process of site all in accordance with the W3C to write HTML and CSS, then the HTML code above Shanghai Longfeng participation was relatively less. But sadly, Chinese programmers rarely in strict accordance with the norms to do. So the site development process requires a lot of Shanghai to participate in the collection of Shanghai dragon and dragon where you need to optimize given optimization.

recently asked many people learn friends "Shanghai dragon need to learn to do?", at the same time there were a few friends to learn PHP code to. Sometimes friends think they might get into an error, to talk about specific friends today as Shanghai dragon should learn to do? If you do, need to do a what extent.


back to the topic, let’s talk about the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and code.

participated in the training system of Shanghai dragon friends all know some basic knowledge about HTML and Shanghai Longfeng course needs CSS, a lot of friends learned here was to tell the truth, programming this thing is not an ordinary person can not dizzy. Many people find it difficult to learn, will give up, plus their own policies and make Shanghai dragon Kung Fu text + the chain ranking, repeated every day doing the bitter things. For a long time completely to Shanghai dragon do not trust.

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