Shanghai Longfeng industry needs positive energy

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and Shanghai dragon industry status quo, vicious competition is more and more big, especially.

Shanghai Longfeng consultant published how original Shanghai dragon blog and the status of the original deal with the plagiarism plagiarism chapter is how do once call Shanghai dragon industry needs to land, the Internet needs positive energy. But due to historical reasons and personal meager strength, has not attracted enough attention.

! Shanghai dragon ?

in fact, whether individuals or enterprises, need to spend a lot of manpower and energy to write original, and these chain members easily over CTRL+C, CTRL+V, whatever next? What about fair! These people essentially no occupation ethics, which belongs to the Shanghai dragon moth

about six months ago, said she had seen a friend in Shanghai Longfeng Road: Shanghai dragon chain dog power, a bad day! Way to beat the dog is: more shameless!

said she is innocent, explained that this article is just released the original article, because the master has just revised in the search engine, still need time to trust degree, so did not reach the second state, and they haven’t started advertising. But the company is a member of the chain of publicity, but will increase the difficulty of collection.

Guangzhou, if you don’t understand the copyright, ask you to lead! Statement: we retain the legal responsibilities of the power! And then left the title of the article and the original link.

later, Shanghai dragon adviser to quiet the mind for a moment: since it is a company, why "competition"? Here quotes said this has made me dislike! What kind of business there is what kind of "talent"! This is the double quotes

this morning, the routine filing Department report. Network marketing information to a company in Guangzhou, the chain member acquisition company’s latest news, released at the A5 forum, and shameless mark that ridiculous description text and web site. When I ask: how to do network marketing

positive energy, this is the 2012 annual hot words, users from the heads of state, to civilians. At present, Chinese for all positive, healthy, inspiring, empowering and hopeful people and things, with "positive energy" label.

consultant can understand the feelings of friends, his website was the opponent collection, causing the site included range, ranking is not good, and the opponent website ranking is better! This is fundamentally the search engine vulnerabilities, of course due to the huge amount of Internet data, the net station is just a drop in the bucket you, you did not see the website is excusable. But the practice of acquisition and replication are essentially theft, if the Internet can have court trial! So, you don’t have these people of the same level, insist on what you think is right, that is the righteous will always be the dawn of victory

so, Shanghai dragon reply this post adviser at the A5 forum below:


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