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in the past two years, support for entrepreneurship policy has become increasingly relaxed. Especially last summer, the Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang was off the public business, grassroots entrepreneurship new wave "point of view, let the fiery entrepreneurial momentum continues to heat up. It is in such a general trend, many people choose to start their own businesses.

when it comes to the problem of youth entrepreneurship, Zhang Yaqin believes that entrepreneurship is very hard, in the absence of a clear plan before, don’t be VC agitation, Yiyongershang entrepreneurship leads to the waste of social resources.

included abnormal, flow is mother;

three, Adsense after the realization of local payments, will withhold tax,

, shlf1314, Adsense, local payment is true or false?

shlf1314, low income, money is dad.

? Joke, unless GG gentlemen of the donkey head to kick, Alipay has been with mom with intimacy, ask a Chinese Major League pressure tightness under Alipay Ali mother can get the favor of the Adsense? shlf1314 Adsense said evil, the local pay not only their operation schedule, more is to deal with the mother of Ali and sh419, sh419 is the most similar to the shlf1314 product line, the audit degree is not less than shlf1314 Adsense, it is important to sh419 union expenditure amounted to 115%, 100% is far greater than the performance increase. This can not help but worry about Adsense.

from the previous line, using UnionPay to pay, Adsense will tax?

Zhang Yaqin at the roundtable that entrepreneurship is very hard, not when it comes to business to build a stamp even more is an entrepreneurial venture, entrepreneurial spirit, whether to truly open a company in large or small businesses or their own, it is important to have entrepreneurial spirit.

shlf1314 AdSense announced that it would realize the local payment of news, just like "the Eight Route Army came", so that the devil were shocked, so that people excited abnormal. For a long time did not see the good news about Adsense, many people have accused Chinese Adsense administrator will only English policy optimization and literal translation publisher Blog, and Chinese local publishers do not accord, seem to all have "open disease". Although the salon invited frequently, but there is lack of publicity, be careful, as the Eight Route Army, more like the enemy team.

so what’s left is our strong local bank. Great UnionPay, the national general, where to pick where convenient, remote withdrawals fee is relatively low. The core banks of UnionPay have basically achieved efficient electronic banking services.

entrepreneurship needs a sense of mission,

two and shlf1314 Adsense will choose who will be the payment partner?

Zhang Yaqin mentioned that the Internet giant now has a sense of mission in its place of business. For example, Ma put forward, so that the world is not difficult to do business, Robin Li founded sh419, in order to allow people to get information fair and convenient. And this sense of mission is what entrepreneurs do

, but he also pointed out that college students should not rush to start a business, must have good ideas, can have good results, change some things, start business again. Don’t start a business just to start a business, especially if you don’t have a definite plan and you’ll be encouraged by VC to start a business. In this case, a big company will not have a good result. And it would waste a lot of social resources.

therefore, we speculate that Adsense is likely to pay by unionpay.

entrepreneurial environment relaxed but not easy to start

Alipay Sina

, President of sh419, Zhang Yaqin,

technology news March 26th evening news, at the Boao forum for Asia "young leaders Roundtable, sh419 President Zhang Yaqin talked about his views on business, he believes that now encourage entrepreneurship is a good thing, but do not start to start, if you are doing the same thing will only result in the waste of resources.

from the policy point of view, or from the entrepreneurial environment, the domestic entrepreneurial atmosphere is becoming increasingly concentrated. In Beijing, Zhongguancun’s pioneering street is a microcosm of the nation’s entrepreneurial boom. New ventures are not lost in Silicon Valley, either in terms of quantity, influence, or the size of the venture capital, or even the number of institutions that support incubation.

? Alipay

Pass, Paypal

this question should not be questioned, after a number of industry media and Adsense community validation, Adsnese is not localized payment is not possible, this is the general trend.

Paypal is known in China than Western Union also troubles Dongdong, are more trouble, some will actually become dead money, need to support the dollar account credit card, a lot of people are not the stuff, simply said, this thing is not good, believe that Li Kaifu will not choose another Li Kaifu to complete the payment of this work.

the young leaders Roundtable to multiple times the power of the individual "as the theme, and youth leaders to discuss the participants as young people, in an increasingly pluralistic" Internet and split the world and the times, how should do, how to make the power of the individual outbreak unlimited positive energy in order to promote tolerance, social progress and development.

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Zhang Yaqin also mentioned that, in the mobile Internet era, as cloud computing has more resources, in fact, the threshold of entrepreneurship is greatly reduced, and now is indeed the best time to start.

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