Love cooperation between Shanghai and the Association launched a plan to protect the interests of us

in the personal account of the click record "to choose the complaints website link records, to love Shanghai for security. Applicants fill in personal information, transaction evidence, such as the content of the application; fill in the information is not complete, need to be completed after the application to be effective;


security center: the mediation procedure can not be identified, the party may apply for, apply to the people’s mediation committee or in consumer complaints settlement platform for mediation, not limited to the 5 working days;

love Shanghai and 360 of the increasingly fierce competition, according to the author speculated; the plan is to launch the Shanghai love 360. Who is the final winner still unknown. But I think, love Shanghai so many years of search market position is difficult to shake, because it has played an important role in the minds of Internet users, 360 are estimated to account for less than what is cheap. This paper consists of: three valve 贵族宝贝dingyicn贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you.


users received the identification results center, people’s mediation committee, China consumer complaints settlement platform security, to obtain the corresponding guarantee according to the actual situation, and through the BaiduPay extraction security;

plan to protect the interests of users love Shanghai launched, if the long-term implementation of it, I think is pretty good. Afraid of him down after 360 is not implemented. If the love Shanghai netizen protection scheme is not very understanding friends can see the author turn self description Shanghai encyclopedia.

launched from the plan, we can guess that the launch of Shanghai love of this plan is to deal with 360 challenges. Because of the recent love Shanghai and 360 for the search market, has been playing with each inextricably involved, to overthrow the other exhaust all the skills.

security center to receive

recently search some products on the Internet, in Shanghai on the right of the search box will see "Love Association Shanghai and reminds you: love and the Shanghai Association jointly launched the" love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, if you have business promotion, counterfeit fraud caused economic losses, can obtain the rights "and other words in the past, and then click will see Shanghai love the interests of Internet users plan for the pages. Figure:

log in and apply for the protection of


love the Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users is the first search engine system to protect the interests of users and consumers love Shanghai Chinese Association jointly launched, the purpose is to better protect the legitimate interests of Internet users.

love Shanghai love Shanghai in the login user click "link" encountered phishing scams, fake and real damage, can enjoy a certain amount of security, and to protect the interests of users of Easy Access.

general program: 5 working days, security center and the parties to communicate and give the result of recognition;

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