UEO should we do optimization around the needs of users

third, the website chain can attract users click. The optimization to meet the needs of users is not only reflected in the station, the chain also need to be designed around the needs of users. The chain is the root of promotion, is to attract users to click, the visitors to your site. So those who do not have the user clicks on the user even disdain to see a >

search engine updates a series of UEO, the word gradually popular in the internet. The full name of UEO is user experience optimization, namely the user experience optimization. No matter in sea K station or drop the right reason to say how to say what highfalutin, the original degree is not high, a large number of acquisition, the chain is not related and so on, in fact, is summed up in one sentence: the user experience is not good enough. Therefore, the optimization of the user experience is a future development direction of optimization. So, what do the user experience? Say a little easier, the site can meet the needs of users is a good user experience. Therefore, we should do the optimization towards the direction to meet the needs of users.

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focuses on optimizing the user demand, we need to start from the content of the website, the website structure and chain design in three aspects.

first website to provide information needed by the user. The content is always the truth, a website without substantial content and sufficient information, always attract visitors cannot withstand a single blow, even if it is futile, because the visitors would never look back, you will get an earful. Then, visitors need what kind of content? First, the content of the website provides information must be complete, on this basis, but also a certain degree of expansion, let a person feel enriched content. Second, website presentation must be clean and orderly, not unrelated to spam advertising, contact, and have a sense of hierarchy layout. In addition, the biggest deception for visitors is wide of the mark, and visitors is disgusting, so the title which promised something must be reflected in the text of the real.

second, the website structure has a very good guide. Site reasonable structure is to allow visitors to the website to know what to do, not like entering a maze at a loss. In the chain design many sites are convenient to search spider crawling, but sometimes it will backfire. Because the spider is in imitation of visitors browsing behavior, visitors do not click on the link should belong to the invalid link, said a serious point is excessive optimization. For example, many people will have to join a custom web page links in each article, this is a typical optimization excessive, because people don’t click on this link. Since no one is to click on, then it is not a user needs a link. Since no demand is unnecessary, because it is better to get rid of, may provoke search engine punishment. In the webmaster should let users better browse the web site to design internal links, one does not leave the excess.

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