The long tail keywords to optimize enterprise website is really correct

three, the type of enterprise website if there is the long tail keywords conversion rate generally is the product of the words, and these words a lot of products when everyone is to use some content pages to optimize, and you may find a lot of sites through the website title to do long tail keywords, and ranking will be easily. But now if we want to pass the contents.

, a large part of the webmaster to some long tail keywords to optimize the site, thereby increasing the number of useless columns in the internal web site, for example, enterprise dynamic news, technical support and other columns, then these meaningless columns constantly updated, in fact, we all know that an enterprise do not need to update the current station and unlike those local portals, news stations need timely to update a lot of information, we only need a small amount of update actually can be, but this does not affect the update our website ranking.

two, although the enterprise type of site through some long tail keywords really can bring some traffic to our site, but if you pay attention to this part of the flow to our website to tell whether it is worthwhile? Take me before www.name2012贵族宝贝 did a business station for example, the time is through the long tail keywords for the site a lot of traffic, but for this part of the flow through the observation of small, bounce rate is very high, and almost can be said that there is no conversion rate, then Xiaobian have to carry on the analysis, find the reasons for the high rate of lead out sites are often because of structural problems within the site, and set some of the chain, the content of the website overall correlation is poor, can not solve the real needs of users, and this website The search engine will be deemed to be a garbage for a long time, the site is down the right treatment, so it has been used to do other types of site domain name.

believe that many types of business owners in see this article, many are the same as before small meditation. Maybe there are many webmaster before with Xiaobian think today is whether any industry competition is very fierce, so is the enterprise type of site, so in such fierce competition in the Internet, select the long tail keywords to optimize it, it is relatively easy for many. But after many failures, Xiao Bian found that today’s corporate website if go on long tail keywords optimization route has not. Of course, this is just a personal point of view, only as a reference. After all, with the passage of time, improve the algorithm to update the search engine constantly, we used a lot of optimization method is very feasible now, the effect is very bad, we want to talk about today take the enterprise website to choose the topic of long tail keywords in terms of it, early can indeed bring a lot of traffic to our site, and to the current situation look, Xiao Bian has not recommended enterprise station of the long tail keywords to do it, why do you say that? Xiaobian summed up several reasons to share with you.

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