The site is down right wait for love in Shanghai is the best way


why love Shanghai Webmaster Platform get more than outside the query? Personally, after the love of spiders in Shanghai catch the data are stored in the database, the page has been included in the Shanghai, just love being unable to search out, so the server sends the data after finishing out can be searched. This is why some page spider every day to climb, took a long time to put out, and the snapshot date was before, so I love Shanghai Webmaster Platform display data to be accurate, and not like some of my friends say, love Shanghai in order to promote Webmaster Platform and love Shanghai statistics out of the "movement" here, an estimated friend is going to open to scold: "you of the site have been down the right to speak but also to help with the sea?", more than just personal understanding, such as If you have better ideas, welcome to my personal blog together to discuss.

about the love of June in Shanghai K station / site drop right, do not do the introduction, I believe we are more or less a little effect, unfortunately my station was drop right, mainly reflected in the snapshot still in June 22nd, midway snapshot complaints changes after a normal two or three days back to number 22 has not changed, there is the keyword ranking lost all, the strange thing is not to take the WWW domain name ranking, the site itself had 301 redirect.

The first comparison: Because


The index



there is a great difference between the webmaster tools and results of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform get, but one thing is the same, directly through the site tool: the number of query and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform the rise or fall is almost the same.

do before the chain and site of all links and images are the absolute path with WWW use, there is no way to do 301 directed to the WWW domain name without WWW domain name, but was afraid to do so to love the sea will not bring WWW domain name is right down, do not go to it.

website is love Shanghai included:


these days due to busy work, he wrote half stopped, written in July 30th wrote, a week later to remember this thing, then a piece of today’s Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query picture, today is August 7th.


through the above we can see that love Shanghai has returned to normal, like August 2nd or 3 days of recovery, and this is the normal snapshot update, snapshot, personal analysis, love should be in Shanghai slowly >

We will compare the index weight

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