The server is not stable can be seen from the love of Shanghai is more sensitive than Google

server security and stability of Shanghai dragon, the impact is very large. The first search engine perspective: long term cannot access or access was too slow, is certainly not friendly to search engine spiders, long-term cannot normally grab the content of the website, will only make love Shanghai right down your website; and from the user’s point of view is also not friendly, because when you are a user visit your site, speed is very slow, certainly not willing to wait, even if you are on sina贵族宝贝.cn, if half open words may not go back, not to mention our website, poor user experience is the greatest impact on the user’s server is not stable, next to others your site in the search engine, may no longer visit. So now many webmaster will flow out of a server security is more important than what

When a new !Although a lot of information in the online

B, keywords ranking drop, from the love of Shanghai traffic less

A, love Shanghai included sharply, new the income of

The Effect of < >

service due to reasons was reduced when the collection will be greatly decreased, it was new sites on the requirements are relatively high, even a lot of the original article search engines are not included, now down right after the new update is even more difficult to search engines you, only through a period of time update the site back weight, search engine will slowly return you, or by the spider search engine spiders to strengthen the crawl.

keyword ranking decline is inevitable, and not just those who promote the word will decline, and the influence of the long tail keywords website ranking. The site traffic will become very small, and it takes a long time to make your website to restore the previous ranking, flow also need a long time to be able to slowly recover.

railway station, just a little care is not good, immediately snapshot not update, when the server problems, not updated snapshot is the most obvious, and this depends on your server recovery rate, if it is quickly returned to normal may still be the snapshot update, if you have three days and two days a problem, love Shanghai will pull you to inspect the site, you need to observe the site for a long time, if a period of time are normal, the snapshot will slowly return to normal state.

server has great influence on the stability of the site, but no experience, really do not know how it affects on the website of the end. Recently, a few months can sometimes access server, and can not find the page, so I really appreciate the server for some website, from the overall analysis, the performance is very sensitive to love Shanghai, and Google is not much improvement, while the old station takes the form of a new station and higher weight weight low is not the same.

, a new low weight mainly has following several points:

C, website snapshot not update


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