To explore the importance of writing and page title tags and meta tags

second is not superimposed, such as poly way travel home, must not be written like this: "title tag line travel, travel, travel, travel routes recommended, tourism offer, Sichuan tourism, Sichuan tourism network, Sichuan tourism authority website _ poly Travel Network – way easy travel advocate".


is the first to write more important keywords more rely on the former, such as poly way travel home page title tag is written: "travel routes recommended _ tourism offer _ Sichuan tourism authority website _ poly way travel – easy travel advocate";

is the first title tag. The title tag is the user and search engine, the most valued label, it can help users and search engines to determine if the page’s theme and thought.

(3) coherent statement. With the search engine to Chinese semantic recognition technology continues to improve, the search engine is included in the algorithm to keep semantic weight and ranking algorithm, therefore, simple and smooth title tags to the page ranking points.

(2) due to the weight distribution of the search engine is based on the common people’s habits to calculate, so we need to pay attention to two points in add keywords:


page are: title, keyword, description tag tag tag.

for search engines, these three labels can be seen, but the importance of three labels is completely different. Below I poly way travel 贵族宝贝jutuw贵族宝贝 as an example, combined with the attitude of search engines on the three labels and the location, to explore the three label web page how to write to the Shanghai dragon.

users, these three labels, Only Title users can directly see the label in the browser, the other two labels (i.e. meta tags) must open source code to see; in addition, in the search results, can see title tags and description tags.

(1) to the search engine, keywords appear in the title tag, the most basic is to express the content of the page, so we do in Shanghai Longfeng writing title tags, keywords should be written into the core of the current page in Title tags.

(4) brand word processing. The general web page title tags to >

in Shanghai dragon circles, since the only teacher puts forward the concept of "around a word", whether the search engine or Shanghai dragon Er, three labels are paid special attention to the page. Three label writing success, largely determines whether a web page can have good rankings. Today, and we explore the niche, the three label web page how to write to the Shanghai dragon.

Three label

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