Good website to choose words in the search effort to win




in any case, the choice of keywords should fit the theme of the site. Just like to write an article, the article content and title, keywords and not is have no relevance, because there is always a logical relationship between the content and the title of the article. For example, the theme of the site is the site production, can not be identified as "key enterprise mailbox", although there is a certain relationship between enterprise email and website construction. In the actual operation, can first determine the keywords and theme of the site, and then around the keyword rich web content; you can also build web content, and then according to the content of extracted keywords. However, no matter which kind of methods, keywords and website content should be closely related to the total.

The competition step by step

few people to be targeted in the core keywords, although because it is very exciting, but the optimization difficulty is too big, not wait to see the hope of success, had already started to lose confidence. The correct method should be gradual, in the choice of keywords is the first choice of words, around the core of some long tail word or word extension. Such as "Shanghai network company", "Shanghai website" so that the competition is not very big, but some of the flow of words. Gradually increase the difficulty, one can enhance the confidence, on the other hand, due to the click rate, browsing time and browsing depth along with the rising of the long tail word rankings, site weight and some nuclear.

previously proposed keyword selection concentric circle point is around the core words, words and word extension to determine the long tail. For example, the "construction site" is the core word, concentric circle method through the choice of keywords, we can determine the keyword "Shanghai site construction", "site construction company" etc.. Another point in the author’s choice, meaning certain similar related keywords. For example, we search the word "Shanghai website design" in Shanghai, the word "Shanghai site construction" will also cause similar meaning is described. The limited power of several related in meaning, of course, the optimization effect is more ideal.

, a website with

two, meaning related

Internet era, if you do not want to make their sites become the island, to win the trust of the search engine is the key. Beyond the frequency of use of 90%, let search engine seems to have become a necessary way of access to the internet. For the Internet, who mastered the entrance who won everything, which is why Tencent QQ and Qihoo 360, including Google, love Shanghai to develop browser client software and many one of the reasons. One of the main purpose of the site optimization, but also let more potential users the opportunity to find myself. Different keywords bring different flow rates, different keywords also bring different effect of conversion, so the choice of keywords and determination is particularly important. Good website win in the search, this is to choose words twice, represent the general trend; efficiency of winning.

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