Deng Kanhao the use of A5 submission to obtain high quality chain

Author: Deng Kanhao,

you can see from the two pictures above, one is with Beijing Shanghai Longfeng hyperlink, a source is not written, thus wasting a keyword, and an article in the rain is the two brother link, a hyperlink, a URL address. Is another site, so he an article with two domain names, it is master. If you do not believe they can go to see the two article submission made it all clear.


actually do is to continue to optimize Shanghai, pay attention to industry trends, what you have to understand, so you write it more convenient, don’t just want to go, this is not enough. Finally send new friends a word, want to do Shanghai dragon must redouble one’s efforts.


information network marketing personnel, now living in Beijing, under the tutelage of a founder Jiang Likun, welcome.


We have found that

Hello, I’m Deng Kanhao, a long time not to write articles for publication, today just had time to see the article, see a problem, I want to write out to share with everyone, and some new friends contribute or not pay attention to this problem, I will come to you today to share the high quality of the chain to because, just to see a few friends submissions are no good use, but to see my brother kyoshi by the rain. Following on from the Deng Kanhao Guangzhou Shanghai dragon to talk about:

is the first picture keyword virtual son rain today contribute a brother with this blog, take Beijing Shanghai dragon anchor text.

because A5 is such a good platform, you have to write articles for publication, so be more, so you is the chain increased quickly. Deng Kanhao is not here to prove what you see, just want to share out to everyone, hope that we can use, I also know Shanghai dragon industry friends is actually very tired, I also like. Well today I write here, if you have what good method to learn to share out.

second is a picture of Chen Xianmei and his friends and look, without source address.

submission A5 have a source address, there is what we want to do anchor text in place, we must pay attention to. The following Kanhao Deng two picture upload for everyone to see.

know this friends don’t laugh at me, because I just don’t know to share with friends, friends often believe that submission must know the chain, I wanted to write before, but the feeling we all know it does not start to write, or to see a friend today not use, I will write about the cruel, hope that you don’t laugh at me, as if the chain of trouble the brain can use this method to do the chain.

I wrote the

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