Fixed text analysis of optimization strategy in the website

but we know that these are often fixed text search engine spiders web content as well as an important way of traversing the site outside the chain, if set relatively clean can by the spider love, and these words also guide the user’s browsing, so the optimization text content for the website to enhance the user experience is also very important the role of. The optimization strategy on this website the sample text analysis.

In many of the details of

second, will link anchor text forms. We know that the anchor text links on the site must have a variety of, if the number of anchor text too much, will easily lead to love Shanghai resentment, even think cheating, especially the use of those same fixed text and the anchor text links in the same way. So we need to optimize the fixed text of this part as much as possible by way of diversification, some use URL link in the chain, some is a link in the form of pictures, so it can be eliminated because of the fixed text caused by too much accumulation.

first, to fixed text as the site of the front. These words are often due to fixed optimization needs will increase as much as possible on the site, because these fixed words are often related to site keywords, or long tail keywords important. But a page on the keyword density is too high, can be severely disgusted spiders love Shanghai, even think that "there are suspected of cheating, so we use the fixed text to be targeted to the user as a guide and search for web spider Menlian, so as to make these fixed the text generation optimization effect.

third, in the first page of the pages and fixed text mode should be diversified. We know that the home page is concentrated between large column page text, but also relates to the fixed text more types, including navigation fixed text and relevant column page fixed text, text content of the text are not consistent, there will not be a problem of accumulation of fixed text. But for the pages within the website, especially with a website.

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng competition more and more, now in detail is king of the times, if in Shanghai Longfeng optimization does not pay attention to detail, it is easy to fall behind, so it is difficult to improve website ranking. We know that many kinds of website optimization, but most of the webmaster will carry on the optimization, so rely on the content and the chain optimization strategy of the traditional, it is difficult to talent shows itself in the fierce competition, so we need to find another way to find a breakthrough in the window.

optimization, optimization of fixed text within the site seems to be many webmaster are ignored in different degree, the so-called fixed text, generally refers to the navigation bar, the anchor text chain text and relevant column page text. These words seem insignificant, does not seem to be search spider like, so many owners have not paid enough attention to.

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