Analysis why not live with flourishing WeChat plate search

careful analysis, you will feel that WeChat search did not score, in addition to internal and external factors are also important. Although WeChat is now very high heat, but the heat does not mean that it is derived from the functions must be recognized and accepted, WeChat search environment is very good, but when we did not develop a reading habit, WeChat search is more of a false proposition, the existence of an illusion. Therefore, even if WeChat search beginning with how good vision, can not effectively perform reliably and on the basis of everything but is empty. Below I will simply say it seems to me that WeChat search do not up the problem in the end where.

Tencent do can be said to have occupied a rash and too much in haste, the majority of social networking users social time. But WeChat’s ambition is not limited to this, its goal is bigger and farther, and the search for the spy will be long-standing. WeChat search on-line is soso copy, rather than the Tencent for the search field to try again, after all, the mobile Internet era have more high-quality resources WeChat plus all in good time, to see how the search attack feel reliable. But the Internet products can never be reliable to describe, a seemingly market demand tends to be too much of the real test, from the WeChat search on-line now, reaction products tepid, WeChat official also gradually lower the expected value, which makes everyone feel a trace of sadness by at first, the bustling WeChat search where.

WeChat module

second, WeChat search has a well differentiated positioning, which is very worthy of recognition. However, how to let the public know your search and others do not? The public has the common search.

first, love Shanghai, baby, 360 nobles they occupy a very favorable position in search, and although WeChat is a leader in the social field, but the search field rookie. It can be said that several giant WeChat search platform has been off several streets, WeChat wants to quickly catch up, then not only need to have the determination to catch up from behind but also need to have the ability to catch up from behind. However, the ability is not only reflected in the technology, is the embodiment of professional in search of. And although WeChat related technical strength really bad, but on the professional is the need to slowly work. Love Shanghai basically focused on the search field, can be said to have become a leader in this area. While WeChat may face the difficulty of catch up from behind, not just a little bit. To know that WeChat search is the main content of the internal circle of friends, but this part of the fall in love with the sea can still be found, thus greatly reduced the unique let WeChat search, on the strength of no, nor on the characteristics of WeChat search, can not find the reason to continue looks justified, after all, the mobile Internet is a good proposition, but not the user base and technical ability strong, WeChat search is actually facing the more than expected.

In fact,

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