The first screen showing the contents of the site to determine the success or failure

what should I do?This is I have seen the small and medium-sized enterprise station

in my concept should be the mastermind of Shanghai Longfeng website operation, he should design of website structure, content layout and customer service, website orientation, core value and the promotion website including operations, Shanghai Longfeng staff should be accounted for by the. The reason to explain this thing is that many people think that the production site is the construction site personnel, has nothing to do with the Shanghai dragon, actually it is part of our Shanghai dragon personnel category, so we should be planning to do. The construction site is our hands, we are the leader. Because you said today’s website the first screen might be afraid of misunderstanding to you is the construction site personnel, because the site of the first screen design is critical to the success of the site, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise station. The small and medium-sized enterprise station

especially on the first screen layout is to spend a lot of energy, I talk about my experience, not necessarily right, we refer to, my first screen layout solution of a demand and provide confidence to solve a demand is the rate of return on investment. Because we are joined, we will give customers on the need to invest much money, and the rate of return, maybe this thing is not so standard, but the East.


specific to what you have to study the needs of users, but also to grasp the biggest demand, the biggest demand is reflected in the site of the first screen. A slide is not common, two on the slide, some quality, professional, product, enterprise culture with these user related content, if you want to get a slide so you can put some users concerned about the content, such as discount promotional content decreased. In a word is to be useful to the user, because recently doing a bidding page, do a lot of reference and research in this area.

is the first one more action, we must allow users to do the most convenient user experience, can a little less operation of an operation, so can not pull the drop-down bar will not pull the drop-down bar, can save an action let users save an action. Another point is that if you choose a layout of website content, the user cost will become very large. It is best to see the past clearly allows users to find their own content, clear.

now? The first screen is basically a slide, some don’t have anything useful to the user, the slides are generally get a product, say what the quality is good, or what is the corporate culture. The word is not what some of the contents of the user, which I hate this kind of screen made the first slide, the most depressing is this slide will appear on all pages. In fact, the real user experience is the master site to do very simple, it is best not to let the user to pull the drop-down bar can get him the content they want in the first screen, generally do good business station is a site of a screen half, will not let the user hard pull brace, because this action will bring a pull down two bad experience.

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