Shanghai dragon must have a heart endure

, through this a few months to experience the site, I found that the most important place is not Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Dragon technology, but whether you have a insist on patience, I think this is the most important thing in Shanghai dragon.


to see Shanghai dragon why should have patience. As everyone knows, love in Shanghai a few months of the audit for new sites, Google also has a new sites on the sandbox. These two are actually the same thing, is a study of love Shanghai and Google to the railway station, to see whether it is a waste site. I believe that the first thing is to get up every day every webmaster query the site of all aspects of the situation, such as collection, chain etc.. But new Adsense up will check every day is a very depressed, because that love Shanghai or Google not included every day, not updated snapshot love Shanghai. One or two weeks can endure, but a month two months if you can endure? If not, you will lose the basic elements of Shanghai dragon er.

Why do we

with the Shanghai dragon becomes more and more popular, many novice Adsense all hope to learn advanced knowledge of Shanghai dragon, so that their sites from search engine from the huge flow. I am also a novice webmaster, so I and so the novice webmaster have the same idea.

I think there is the Shanghai dragon website optimization technology is only auxiliary technology >

through this experience, I come to the Shanghai dragon must have a insist on patience. We have to endure live snapshot not update, included not increase, the chain does not increase the pain, don’t give up. We will insist that every original, pseudo original, although love Shanghai and Google is not a person, not perfect technical judgment on who is the original, but with the help of search engine, everything we do will be the search engine to see in the eye.

I was so over, my site because the server 1 months didn’t open in the sea love K station, the site reopened when that day, I write every day of the original, pseudo original and send the chain, hope love can be included my station in Shanghai. However, the time quickly in the past 3 weeks, I get up every day is not check the snapshot. My heart was on the site lost confidence, that love Shanghai to just K station might not be so quick to recover, as a domain name to do well. Otherwise, why almost 1 months do not give me a snapshot? Although my station is K, but is K before the weight is still good, need so long time is not restored? Fortunately, I saw Shi Yuzhu a few words: "I this is a ten years of experience. A period can only focus on one thing. From 1997 to now, I have to do 3 things." From a few words, I see we do one thing, can not give up so easily, not a success is a short time to complete. Later, I also persevered, finally in today’s fast to 1 months of love Shanghai included the page again, released snapshot.

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