Publish website note understanding of love in Shanghai

: the first revision after the station changed

website is mostly a page template, to search engine, which is originally a familiar person suddenly changed the face of love, Shanghai is not immediately able to know, not to mention about the new faces, so it will return to a period of study. When replacing the website template, in fact is the change of the HTML and CSS code, all URL don’t avoid the station to modify the whole page template, change the impact will be relatively large, if not necessary, can only modify some parts on the page. Or when replacing the original template, not all of a sudden change, can be a day for a part, gradually to ZhengZhan template change, some websites are in love with the sea because the revision of K station, or drop right without the ranking, so the website must cause our attention, love Shanghai released this announcement to the webmaster it is be of great advantage.

according to the author of a little experience, a lot of enterprise URL station is not the standard, some station URL with many parameters, URL standard will affect the page included. The standard URL has been converted into a pseudo static page after the change, but the trouble is that many pages have been love Shanghai included, such enterprises stand too much, if you modify the ZhengZhan URL equivalent to that love Shanghai again included a new station, so suggest or not to change, so the law is equal to the Dutch act, rather than re do a station. To avoid such mistakes in the site before the enterprise must find a company or individual optimization professional, it is best to let the company to design a website, now many companies provide services to optimize the design, at least in line with the Shanghai dragon website optimization standard, not later for the website to do keyword optimization and revision.


station after the revision of some enterprises will remove a lot of content, the author has also met many customers like the website, because before.

third: after revision to delete a lot of content in the station

second: after the revision replaced the ZhengZhan page template

July 25th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform released website notice announcement, the four must pay attention to the revision of the website in the announcement, some mistakes, but also many webmasters often make for example: after the website does not submit to love Shanghai. In fact, the website is inevitable, of course in general or reduce the number of unnecessary amendments before doing the station preparatory work to be done, do not wait until after the line on the website to change this change, for example, is that many enterprises boss station, according to their own love way, to see where the page to call people. Modify. See other websites have a special good, also affect whether after the reform, direct call technician plus. As mentioned in the official announcement of the love of Shanghai "website need to be cautious, some of which will be revised to the site to bring fatal injuries, the author lists several the following:


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