Shanghai dragon details about text

error example: my blog main push "Shanghai dragon", my paper has a word such as "the beginning of Shanghai dragon for a long time, for this sentence on the text.

" Shanghai Dragon The main contents of The main content of

, scanning text and target page or no related words. What is more, the inside pages do on a large number of irrelevant text cause accumulation.


four, with a description of the same page text links, different. That is to say the different external links, use the same text. This will also reduce the value of the text description.


of Shanghai dragon for a long time, for some Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques and methods are more familiar with, also have personal practice. Some people say that the experience of others is always others, only to sum up their experience is the most precious. So I told you the webmaster online master tutorial are looked after and feel, and practices. "Practice" this sentence I believe he is the true saying! But for our Shanghai dragon practitioners, although everyone has their own set of methods, or a faction, but there is a saying "don’t change them," here is about a case of Xu I met today Shanghai Longfeng Optimization: a text problem.

three, the target page and text are not consistent, resulting in the description text value will be greatly reduced.

error example: one of my articles it is to write the introduction of Shanghai dragon, in order to optimize keywords another website "happy net", is in the shenglayingzhuai with "happy net" of the word, and text description.

we all know the link elements on a page, there are a variety of forms, including text, pictures, flash and so on, how to link the main contents to search the target page? Description text is a good way to solve. The role of the original text is to prompt the user chain into the page is what some of the content, can improve the user experience, search engine is of course that will best meet user demand for the value of the page rendered first, so to add draw text links right can be beneficial to the target page rankings. Xu every day I will spend a lot of time to study the Shanghai dragon, so naturally I would often go to learn from someone else’s website. Here I found some people of Shanghai Longfeng text improper usage.

error: sample main keyword is "Shanghai dragon", but in the content page "blog" two words frequently used the description text.

1, "a href=贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝/" /a "

2, "a href=贵族宝贝xXXX.>

two, a text description is too long, the direct description of a sentence containing the main keywords.

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