On some easily search engine K station

because the search engine spiders included your site will crawl your site in history to record a direction, so that the next time to grab the page can quickly follow the direction to find something included, because you can easily lead to revision every two or three days, when the next to the spider lost, don’t know where to grab the page, finally lead to site is down right long time not to patronize the spider.

many webmasters do stand in the process of it will inevitably encounter a lot of difficulties and setbacks, for webmasters, the site has been K off it is a nightmare, a website he worked hard to spend a lot of effort run by K in a flash of light, is undoubtedly a big blow. This is who don’t want to have for myself, some Adsense meet this kind of situation will face, careful analysis and solve, some owners due to long-term recovery in the not to give up, but I think the site is actually also be search engine K the patience of the station you do in the test, so webmaster is a a very patient industry, of course we have to resist this kind of thing happen to us.

and we do the main purpose is to flow, often a slow as a snail web site a few people would like to come? So a webmaster if you really want to do your own website please carefully your website, not to use some unstable space. The space junk is often taking some black to put thousands of sites, these sites are a large number of garbage station, which certainly has a lot of the site is down right, this site IP may also have been down right, finally you stand may also implicated, with this kind of space website don’t want to be K to. If you think you love to do meaningful, hope to do business through the network, use the waste of space station, would rather spend some money not to.

, a website to be search engine to K, first a stable space is very important, there are a lot of friends for the sake of cheap, often to buy some cheap space and even to use some free space, those cheap space is not very slow is often not open network, the space station is a house, if your house is rickety, others are willing to come in shreds and patches,? First of all is to search engine left a bad impression, if long-term every two or three days open, lead to a search engine every time to eat cold-shoulder treatment, even if you stand to do better, the search engine will not Hello, may search engine after an update your stand to control a.

two, do not frequent large-scale revision, especially the templates and procedures, there are a lot of friends do stand often see this template, change this, some days saw the template, and that. It is very easy to cause the site to be search engine to drop right, light decreases included, snapshots stop, while being K off.

some friends today with CMS program to build a station, a few days to feel not good enough.

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