To improve site traffic by using difference

found differences from the content of the site.At present many

we can not underestimate these three factors. And we need to do is from your competitors in the title, keywords, description for the difference. The first thing to note is the content of each page is different for each page should be the one and only title. For example, ranking the first description of the site is very conservative. So this time we can describe more in line with the people to read and write. You can also add contacts in the statement or even address. To describe the company’s address and telephone and this is the difference. This may have been more interested in the user.

every day to go to the ranking index included. You should do in order to optimize the site from the website. Many talent shows itself. I want to say is to find the difference, and all three find the difference method will be next, if you start from the three points so your site traffic will increase.

first, keywords from the page title, description, find the difference of

above is what I share by using difference method to improve site traffic. Are the keywords from the page title, description, find the difference. Find the difference from the overall structure of the site, from the network.

is not difficult to find the overall structure of many sites is almost as like as two peas. The main structure of the website home page is: logo, navigation, image switch, then, etc.. So that when users browse these sites do not have any feeling. This time we need to do is to do the overall structure of a mainstream website and not the same, let users themselves. We can use the blog to build a business station, do not put any advertising on our website, do not put any contact, this is where there are differences with other websites. For example, in the beauty contest here. The search engine is the referee. The referee standing in front of ten beauties. Of which there are nine girls with the same color of the hat, but also a beauty without a hat. The referee may be more interested in the beauty without hat.


found differences from the overall structure of the site

site updates simply for optimization to consider. In their view, websites are updated every day. Do not update the snapshot will update, ranking is not good. They did not want to update these content is the user needs to do. The Hefei website optimization this website for example, search the word the user is interested in a website optimization cycle, cost effect, etc.. Then we need to create content according to the needs of users. But if you do not consider the whole day to update some website optimization expertise if the user may not be interested in. Since we know that we are more advantages in content. Just like the beauty, not only without a hat I’m wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes is very beautiful.


The There are a lot of website and these websites every day will provide a lot of content for search engines to crawl

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