There are reasons but not included on the site every day update snapshot

before I often encounter a similar situation, I believe we have met, the last time I site appear this kind of circumstance is a day in the business circle before the game, because I changed the site title that day, and in the website to change the title when it is right down, so that the title change after test the bottom led to the site being punished, that we understand the right to be reduced (page K). It was after this website will appear in front of the situation mentioned in the website, every day there are dozens of news to be included, but the home has been in punishment, this site until recently started to slowly returned to normal.

2, although the content has been updated, but the home did not change. What is your home do not reflect the updated look, such as you update the article and not in the home call, so that the web page has no content updates, just like you are wearing this coat yesterday, today is wearing the same coat, even underwear you changed, I would think you no change.

3, the updated content belongs to the collection of information. For the content of the collection, love Shanghai not too friendly, objects tend to be collected or reproduced by numerous news. This kind of website search engine to weight will be relatively low, of course, accumulated over time, the weight can still raise to an amazing level, so this website need to accumulate a long time to develop better. In this respect, love Shanghai or other search engines will lengthen the cycle on the station snapshot update.

1 website, just on the line soon, has not reached the minimum requirements of love Shanghai update. What do you mean, like the first day you just met a girl, you can’t be second days to take her home, also do not take such a flash flash marriage, always there is a transition period, the love of Shanghai and also as the ultimate goal and the love of Shanghai is the spider simulation of a person to visit a page.

yesterday in the forum to see some friends in the discussion of this topic, I also read this post, reply very much but basically at one point. Love Shanghai, this phenomenon is relatively common, as many people say every day to watch love Shanghai spiders to crawl the page but is not love Shanghai release a page. Whether it is not updated snapshot or not release page, you can use a word to summarize the problem that habit, the weight of your site is not. Sometimes you say this person may not really understand what is the weight it is not included, the chain can be seen as specific data, it is just a concept. So this sentence is only perfunctory.

I this station this abnormal situation is obviously because of the right to be reduced, but there are many users of the site and not like I was down the right also appeared in such a situation, so I personally think that there may be the following reasons:

due to limited personal ability, the organization is not rigorous please forward, of course, I also try to let you webmaster friends can see my article harvest. The original is behind.

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