Shanghai dragon in addition to optimization techniques what can we do


(two) to do some long tail keywords title.

in addition to the simple web site source code can not only make our website access speed up tips, can also speed up the spider crawling Oh, and in the mobile phone version of the search engine is showing your web page file size, usually when the user from the mobile phone browser to find some websites will choose the URL of the page file. Oh, so it is very good for you to bring more users.

2, the search engine below the "search" to collect long tail keywords.

for a good ranking website, we usually talk said is the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques are cattle, how do the chain is very strong topic, but today in 2013 these by Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization skills way ahead is dead, so these so-called skills began people began to die off, out of. So in the coming days, we in addition to relying on optimization techniques, we have to do what work to improve website rankings and development? Today Xiaobian to write some of their own views.

search engine spider is through the website source code to crawl and grab our website, but in a period of time before many sites are using a variety of labels to strengthen the attention of the spider, let the spider crawling more on our website, but in doing so long after accumulation will undoubtedly make spiders feeling confused, because it is not clear what the article is more important in your site, so the time passed, will undoubtedly become our website right down the risks, so in the development of the small series suggest you try to put your own website source code written in simple, do not add some labels garish, especially some strong tonal labels, usually such labels in a HTML appears only once.

We all know that

4, keywords analysis peer website ranking and weight better, for him.

3, according to the website traffic statistics daily to select some key words we don’t notice, but the user search keywords into our website.

(a) brevity website source code.

for a website to get more traffic in the search engine, and do not want to rely on the skills of Shanghai dragon friends can choose to collect the long tail keywords form the name of our website ranking title, so as to obtain more traffic. To collect the long tail keywords small methods of long tail keywords under four when writing the title is often used to share with you now.


1, with some long tail keywords mining tools (a search of a lot of love in Shanghai).

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