The free blog included why Peninsula than Sina

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three, Sina blog is more like a "link factory"

, operating problems cause included differences

talked about a free blog recently in the forum have a friend asked this question, why is included blog better than Sina blog? As everyone knows Sina visibility than the peninsula, weights are much better than the peninsula, why the blog included instead? You can personally feel the following analysis of the question:

free blog is one of the owners outside the chain places, is also an important part of the chain resources, free blog the chain has several advantages. First, management operation, only after the registration of an account can be easily made outside the chain on the inside, the second is management easier, generally not easily there is no need to delete, every day always on tenterhooks prayer for the recent posts; but the free blog also has shortcomings, that is the chain are not included in the inside, not included in the article on their website is certainly not a role, needs a long time of feeding, when the blog has a certain weight, can let the articles included.

said this, please careful analysis of his two website articles, see Sina blog article is reprinted more than others, and the peninsula is just out of the oven? For the content of the blog, I think it is best to do a pseudo original, original can of course the best, take them through write their own point of view, then add some ideas together, is a comparison of the quality of the article.


station, such as the title of the blog, the correlation problem of content, if a blog is not a clear theme, which contents are from all walks of life, so although Sina blog weight high, sometimes may not be included, the best blog can reflect the theme of the industry, if we are engage in wedding photography, wedding photography blog content should be around to write the content, this high correlation, the weight will be relatively high; second is the blog needs a long time of feeding, if a line is immediately sent outside the chain, then included odds is very low, if there are problems in operation then, to see their operation.

two, the quality of the effect by

not included, this is a relatively common problem, look at both the quality, whether it is their own original content, readability; even copying others article also have the difference, the others whether the content of the novel, the existence of a large number of identical articles on the Internet? If the repetition rate is too high, a small blog, love Shanghai what you

Some free blog also need to adjust

Sina blog and blog than, of course Sina high visibility, so that owners have now rarely do beyond count, the chain blog, Sina blog will be ignored, but not every blog.

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