Relationship between the three elements of the website optimization

on the whole, there is a parallel relationship between the three. Or, can become a chain of reactions, are indispensable. Effective set, the corresponding work late. Here need to remind is, if there is a corresponding major site adjustment. These three points do not arbitrarily change, to avoid the punishment of the search engine. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

is the core keywords, website optimization, the latter work mainly by its expansion. It is difficult to optimize the degree depends on the set of keywords. Such as do collection, set of keywords trading network. It is easier to optimize, to reduce the difficulty of key words. The search for people, better than some precision. And if the collection, somewhat Christine Fan. Therefore, here we propose that the keyword of the website, to set the appropriate uniform and difficulty coexist, implement keyword ranking effect;

website optimization and bidding, is currently the site of the two ways to promote. According to the requirements of the corresponding, using appropriate methods. Then, to achieve a certain effect. This is the website optimization, the three elements, namely the title, keywords, description. It can be the website optimization is the foundation, laying the groundwork for future work. Three, for the optimization of staff, is very familiar.

is a general description of the site. Therefore, a few simple words, and the characters have to be accurate, not too much. The main highlights can include keywords, company, company phone, the three point is the need to exist at the same time. As a comprehensive interpretation, so that others can understand. When the visitors through the search engine to search keywords, in the face of the show is the title and description. Through the corresponding understanding, the next step.

is the site of the title, "eyes", is to show visitors to prominent place. The visitors can understand the meaning of the title. Such as certain wedding site, the main crowd is ready to marry the person is more concerned about this kind of. If you do the wedding websites, title to be associated with the wedding. The title of the draft, is the need to consider, but not random. Type has certain features of the industry, and consistent with the theme of this website. This title can present in front of others a light, have some preview desire;

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