Shanghai dragon is not a play and optimization efforts should be solemn pending

content for the emperor believe ingrained in many webmaster friends in mind, even to "too worship" realm, we all thought that as long as the original content, keyword density control in a certain range can get the good opinion of search engine, it is not, since the algorithm adjust search engine value for keywords surrounding the contents, for example, if your site is doing weight-loss drug, then your content is about the film, so in the wrong content to add keywords is not worth it, do not think that we cannot read the contents of the search engine, also do not.

Pay attention to The

before I read an article is the author through the chain in the A5 text, and finally his website will soon be included, then the ranking is also very good, I think this is the author in misleading novice friends, at least the authors say is not comprehensive, because a chain construction to fire or, is the effect good, nor can we hang a tree, must pay attention to a variety of search engines, and is not a fool, in its view, a natural person does not set a good website (web page) only his blog, he may also be shared to the forum, Post Bar QQ space, etc.. It warned novice friends outside the chain type must be diversified.

over the website but ignore the landing page number and effective traffic

now many webmaster every day the first thing is to fall in love with sea site their own website, and see how many web site, but the site included quantity really and proportional to the actual flow? I don’t think so, because I saw a lot of the amount collected tens of thousands of websites in the end every day on average less than 100 independent IP, so there the site is based on the virtual collection, and that brings the actual flow of the landing page to us, we should optimize the site focus on these pages, the chain anchor text resources, construction and high quality original content in these pages should be a little bit more, after all, this is we get traffic the most reliable channel.

type is single chain

peripheral content is not correlation between

The Keywords

in the vegetation are Shanghai dragon "era, too many owners to see the website optimization is too simple, too shallow, that read Shanghai dragon optimization guide will know the internal working principle of search engine, and then to optimize your website for what make snap, improve website ranking is advantageous in what way a little, do not care about the consequences of this. I was summed up, so there are two kinds of common owners mentality, one is luck, thought to catch yourself, another is the undisciplined mind, think of Shanghai dragon is the daily work, do a little bit too innocuous, actually this is wrong, because in my opinion, Shanghai the dragon is not child’s play, such a serious work, we need to do the following simple every rhythm, I cite a few examples to explain.

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